EverQuest II - Thundering Steppes Timeline
Starting Zone The Thundering Steppes (Shattered Lands)
Recommended Levels20 to 30
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What does this information mean?

These are soloable quests in The Thundering Steppes, for characters of levels 20-30. The quests in this zone are less linear than in some other zones, so you should visit the various quest hubs every few levels to pickup available quests and work on them simultaneously.

Griffon Routes編輯

One of the first things you may want to do is to enable the griffon flight routes. Although the griffon towers aren't located at the quest hubs, they will still speed up your questing considerably. The route to Village of Thundermist can be walked at level 20, and once there, you can pick up this quest and finish it in about 2 minutes.

Antonica Gate編輯


Jacques - at Antonica zone line (235, 33, -1032)

  1. Watch Your Step in the Thundering Steppes, Part I (20)
    • While this quest and its sequels are active in your journal, two leg biters will attack you whenever you step onto Thundermist Road near the Antonica griffin tower or enter the Village of Thundermist.
    1. Blumble Blunder (20) - Blerton Blumble on the docks in TS
    2. (Optional) Search for Grandma Blumble (20) - Grandpa Blumble in his instance used in quest above
  2. Watch Your Step in the Thundering Steppes, Part II (25)
    1. A Scrying Shame (25) - Tish Tickers on the top floor in Qeynos Tower 3
    2. (Optional) The Gnoll Cave (26) - gives access to the solo instance, A Gnoll Cave
    3. (Optional) Stop the Elementals (27) - automatically offered upon entering the solo instance, A Gnoll Cave.
  3. Watch Your Step in the Thundering Steppes, Part III (27)
    1. Supplies for Brianna (27) - Brianna in one of the houses in Village of Thundermist
    2. (Optional) Hides for Brianna (29)
  4. Watch Your Step in the Thundering Steppes, Part IV (32)

Other Quests near Antonica

Griffin Fields編輯

Watcher of the Fields - on northwest beach (1355, 0, 266)

  1. Complete in any order:
  2. Karath the Forgotten (25) - after completing all of the above

The Docks編輯

Elowys Laceleaf - outside very last building on the docks (-562, -15, -478)

  1. Desperately Seeking Butterflies! (15)
  2. Desperately Seeking Moths (15)
  3. Desperately Seeking Ants (15)

Reinkor McCollin (-474, 17, 416)

  1. Mysterious Assailants (22)
  2. Safety for Travelers (24)
  3. The Woe of the Travelers (28)

Harvesting Quests - from Duggin Brandywine

The following quests may be done in any order and have no recommended adventurer level, but you can only get one at a time.

Other Dock Quests

Far Seas Requisitions -

  1. Examine the table on the dock, next to Taskmaster Deldrin (-478, -21, -404). You can work on all six quests simultaneously.
  2. Taskmaster Deldrin (-478, -21, -404) for the Special Contracts (after all of the above)
    1. Far Seas Requisition - Special Contract TS023 (#1) (30)
    2. Far Seas Requisition - Special Contract TS023 (#2) (30)
    3. Far Seas Requisition - Special Contract TS023 (#3) (30)
    4. Far Seas Requisition - Special Contract TS023 (#4) (30)

Thundermist Village編輯

Bridge Keep編輯

Captain Eitoa - roams Antonica near the North Qeynos Gate (28, -17, -32)

  1. The Keep of the Ardent Needle (15)
  2. Gnoll Report (18)
  3. A Captain's Communique (26)
  4. Outland Brigade Reports (30)

Near Coldwind Cove編輯

Chief Derrog (353, -1, 979)

  1. Test of the Chief (20)
  2. The Eternal Warriors (23)
  3. Message of the Brave (25)

Other Quests編輯

Lore and Legend Quests

Dropped Quests - These quests are all initiated by examining an item that drops of mobs in this zone

Item Triggered Quests

See Also編輯

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