EverQuest II - The Enchanted Lands Timeline
Starting Zone The Enchanted Lands (Shattered Lands)
Recommended Levels30 to 40
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What does this information mean?

This timeline covers solo quests at levels 30-40 in The Enchanted Lands and the neighboring zone of Rivervale.

(recommended level in brackets)

Leatherfoot Brigade Series[編輯 | 編輯原始碼]

Deputy Nettlebrine - at the docks

Deputy Kegie - in a wagon at The Riverwatch near Rivervale

Deputy Huckfar - east of the The Runnyeye Ward
Note: the quests can also be started here without prerequisites

Deputy Nettlebrine

Deputy Stoutgut - at the The Runnyeye Ward

In Rivervale - triggered from reading books

Optional tradeskill quests[編輯 | 編輯原始碼]

Get these quests from Deputy Hopple after finishing Plan The Fundraiser.

Enchanted Lands FSRs

Soloable Quests in Rivervale[編輯 | 編輯原始碼]

The following soloable quests are found at the The Fools Gold near the entrance from Enchanted Lands. At higher levels (40's) you may also be able to solo some of the heroic quests in the Rivervale Timeline.

Provisioner Gundle

  1. Lost Lager (35)
  2. Minnows in Rivervale (35)

Professor Dandle Farfeather

  1. Mapping the Vale (35)

Felderin Beddleknopps

  1. Finding the Faeweed (35) - repeatable

Item Triggered Quests[編輯 | 編輯原始碼]

Heritage Quests (Heroic)[編輯 | 編輯原始碼]

While in this region, you may wish to pickup the following heroic quests and work on them when groups are available: