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EverQuest II Zone Information
Introduced Shattered Lands Nek
Level Range 20-30
Adjacent Zones
Instance Public
Timelines Nektulos Forest Timeline
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The forest is dark and filled with hills that are difficult to climb over at times. A network of griffon towers eases travel between many parts of the zone. To use these towers, you must first complete a simple quest.

Nektulos Forest has a lower-level counterpart called Darklight Wood. This zone connection is located in the Valley of the Bears at the end of the southeast road.

Revamps 編輯

Nektulos Forest has seen several revamps since release. Here are the most noteworthy changes:

  • Almost all heroic monsters were changed into soloable ^ monsters in Game Update 37. This has made almost all formerly heroic quests soloable.
  • The zone was connected to Neriak, City of Hate (via Darklight Wood) in Game Update 35 in May 2007. The Thexian camps near Darklight Wood were reduced to level 20-22 to make the transition easier for Neriak characters.
  • The zone was substantially revamped in Live Update 24 in June 2006. Most monsters moved to new locations, and new monsters were added. Some of the changes included:
    • A new tunnel shortcut from the beach (near Gul'Thex Citadel) to Timber Falls.
    • N'Mar's Ascent and the roads to the dock and Commonlands were made safer and guarded by neutral guards.
    • many hilltops were opened up to player travel; some of them also had monsters added.
    • new plants and features throughout the forest that don't like to be touched: rose of Innoruuk, hate blossom, spiteweed, soul leeches, and dead militia guards.
    • some scattered quest NPCs were brought together at the Commonlands camp, and an additional solo quest line was added.

Quests 編輯

See the Nektulos Forest Timeline.

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