Deity symbol solusekro
所屬陣營 - Neutral
先知 - Civean Il'Pernod

炙焰王子 - 索如賽克.洛 (Solusek Ro, the Burning Prince) 統治著太陽異界。祂的父親焚寧.洛是統治火之異界的火炎暴君,而太陽異界的力量則源於此。索如賽克穿著一襲黃金鏈甲並戴著火焰之冠,手持火焰長矛。祂並非與任何人為友或為敵,但與米森尼爾.瑪爾有著良性競爭的關係。



Accepting Your Deity編輯

Speak with Civean Il'Pernod ( 312.34, 208.08, 24.61 ) on the cliffs overlooking Butcherblock Bay, north side of King's Rest canyon

Devotion Quests編輯

  1. Ro's Flame [25]
  2. Ro's Infernal Device [35](heroic)
  3. Ro's Vessel [55](heroic)
  4. Ritual of the Flame's Purification [65](heroic)
  5. The Avatar of Flame [70](heroic)


檔案:Solusek Ro Blessings and Miracles.jpg
Blessing Name Favor Description
Servant of Flame 750 Summon an attacking pet imp
Solusek's Gift 875 Heat based spells are 50% harder for your enemies to resist
Blessing of Solusek 1000 Increases heat mitigation, and if you take heat damage, heals you
Ro's Fury 1125 On a successful hostile spell, inflicts extra heat damage on target
Inferno's Glory 1250 Damage of all heat-based spells is increased by 10% and the power cost decreased by 10%


Miracle Name Favor Description
Wrath of the Burning Prince 1125 Next heat-based spell does critical damage
Solusek's Soothing Scorch 1312 On a successful hostile spell, heals health and power
Spear of the Sun 1500 Summons a pet that reduces the casting time, recast time, and power cost of heat-based spells. It can also attack.
Incinerate 1687 Inflicts massive heat damage on target if it is under 50% health
Sun Sphere 1875 Summons a limited pet that lasts for 24 seconds and does high damage



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