EverQuest II Zone Information
Level Range level range needed!
Adjacent Zones adjacent zones needed!
Timelines none
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What does this information mean?

This template builds a standard Zone Information block for the top of any Zone page.


  • 14 Apr 2008 - start of revamp
  • 11 Nov 2007 - suppressed eq2map tracer for tradeskill zones
  • 19 Aug 2007 - added uid and altname, plus support for Template:OtherResourcesBox
  • 9 July 2007 - added boilerplate for all Tradeskill zones and areas.


Standard zone abbreviation. i.e. Ant, TS, SoS, LT, BB, EL, etc. (Default: no box displayed)
Name of the expansion, adventure pack, ir LU#. blank will default to Shattered Lands. See also: Category:Updates and it's sub-categories
Adjacent zones. comma-seperated list, include linking! See also: Category:Zones
recommended level range for adventuring in this zone
Instancing of the zone: Tradeskill, Public, Solo, Group or Raid. Default is Public
Difficulty Modifier (Raid zones only). If blank or undefined, x2 is used.
the zone id for EQ2map, used for Template:OtherResourcesBox
alternate name of zone, used for Template:OtherResourcesBox. Use ONLY if the pagename does not exactly match the zone name, such as a zone that has a suffix of (Zone).
A list of links to timelines that are involved in this zone. If blank, 'PAGENAME Timeline' will be tested and, if it exists, a link to it will be displayed.

Sample Call

 abbrev     = |
 introduced = |
 azones     = |
 levelrange = |
 instance   = |
 zdiff      = |
 uid        = |
 altname    = |
 timelines  = |


To insert a blank, pre-formed template call in your page:

  1. Insert ONE of the 2 following lines into your page
    • {{subst:ZoneInformationEx}}
    • {{subst:ZIx}}
  2. Press Save page
  3. Press the edit tab at the top of the page (do NOT use your browser's back button!)
  4. Fill out as much of the info as you can
  5. Press Save page!

See also: Template:Preloads/ZoneInformation

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