EverQuest II Instanced Zone Information
Level Range level range needed!
Zone in from azone or azones required
Parent Zone None
Failure Lockout failure lockout needed!
Success Lockout success lockout needed!
Quests NPCs Monsters Names Drops POIs

What does this information mean?

This template builds a Zone Information block for an Instanced Zone


Standard zone abbreviation. i.e. Ant, TS, SoS, LT, BB, EL, etc. (Default: no box displayed)
Name of the expansion, adventure pack, or LU#. blank will default to Shattered Lands. See also: Category:Updates and it's sub-categories
if NOT empty, suppress testing for existing subcats.
if NOT empty, suppress the subcat linkbar at the bottom of the box
Name of the Primary Zone that this zone is a copy of, usually another Instanced Zone. (omitted if Blank). See also: Category:Zones and Category:Instances
Adjacent Zone. Name of the zone, without [[]]'s, that you get to this zone from. See also: Category:Zones
If not blank, suppress automatic linking of azone. Useful when an instance can be accessed from more than one zone! (RARE!)
(optional) note:temporary stopgap solution until revamp. raw field, do you own linking
recommended level range for adventuring in this zone
Instancing of the zone: Solo, Group or Raid. (Default: Group)
Difficulty Modifier (Raid zones only). If blank or undefined, x2 is used.
Access Quest. You must complete this quest to enter this zone. (omitted if Blank). See also: Category:Access Quests
Required Quest. At least one party member MUST have this quest to enter this zone. (omitted if Blank)
Failure Lockout Timer. Include time units. i.e. 3 days or 1 day 6 hours
Success Lockout Timer. Include time units. i.e. 3 days or 1 day 6 hours
the eq2map zone id, if filled in, a link to the eq2map website map for this zone will be put in the OR box
If this is a Persistent Instance, put the minimum time of reset in pmin, and the max length in pmax. If either of these fields are filled in, the template will display persistent related info, instead of lockout info and will be included in Category:Persistent Instances

Sample Call

 abbrev     = |
 introduced = |
 pzone      = |
 azone      = |
 levelrange = |
 instance   = |
 zdiff      = |
 aquest     = |
 rquest     = |
 flock      = |
 slock      = |
 uid        = |
 pmin       = |
 pmax       = |


To insert a blank, pre-formed template call in your page:

  1. Insert ONE of the 2 following lines into your page
    • {{subst:IZoneInformationEx}}
    • {{subst:IZIx}}
  2. Press Save page
  3. Press the edit tab at the top of the page (do NOT use your browser's back button!)
  4. Fill out as much of the info as you can
  5. Press Save page!


Taken from Nektropos Castle The Return:

 abbrev     = Nek2|
 introduced = |
 levelrange = 45-50|
 pzone      = Nektropos Castle |
 azone      = Nektulos Forest|
 instance   = Group |
 zdiff      = x2|
 aquest     = Putting Maltena To Rest |
 rquest     = |
 flock      = None|
 slock      = 18 hours|

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