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What does this information mean?


Use this template to build the Information Box for Equipment.

General Rule of thumb: "Equipment is any item that is equipable."

Equipment is:

  • Weapons
  • Armor
  • Shields
  • Charms


these are very special case. Yes, they do "equip" into the food/drink slots, but they did not at the start of the game. They use the Item template.
Yes, these do "equip", but they have very special fields not found anywhere else, so a choice was made to split them off from EquipmentInformation to Template:AmmoInformation

Anything else use Template:ItemInformation. If you are unsure, upload a screenshot of the examine window and place {{AdminNeeded}} on the image page, we'll help you figure it out.


Use {{subst:EIx}} or {{subst:EquipInformationEx}} or {{subst:Preloads/EquipInformation}} or just use the Equipment button on a new page to preload the template example.

Call Example

The following shows ALL parameters! Not all of these appear in the preloaded forms.

 iname  = |
 idesc  = |
 iname2 = |
 idesc2 = |
 icon   = |
 icat   = |
 flags  = |
 str          = |
 sta          = |
 agi          = |
 wis          = |
 int          = |
 health       = |
 power        = |
 vsheat       = |
 vscold       = |
 vsmagic      = |
 vsmental     = |
 vsdivine     = |
 vsdisease    = |
 vspoison     = |
 vsslash      = |
 vscrush      = |
 vspierce     = |
 disruption   = |
 ministration = |
 ordination   = |
 subjugation  = |
 aggression   = |
 focus        = |
 parry        = |
 ranged       = |
 slash        = |
 crush        = |
 pierce       = |
 deflection   = |
 defense      = |
 artificing   = |
 artistry     = |
 chemistry    = |
 fletching    = |
 metalshaping = |
 metalworking = |
 scribing     = |
 sculpting    = |
 tailoring    = |
 tinkering    = |
 fishing      = |
 foresting    = |
 gathering    = |
 mining       = |
 trapping     = |
 hregen       = |
 pregen       = |
 sdamage      = |
 cdamage      = |
 heal         = |
 scdamage     = |
 symmetry     = |
 aspeed       = |
 dps          = |
 double       = |
 rdouble      = |
 dscrit       = |
 mcrit        = |
 hcrit        = |
 rcrit        = |
 esb          = |
 squest  = |
 rquest  = |
 slot    = |
 slot2   = |
 slot3   = |
 charges = |
 charmopt= |
 casting  = |
 duration = |
 recast   = |
 mit     = |
 prot    = |
 wtype   = |
 dtype   = |
 set     = |
 dmg     = |
 drating = |
 delay   = |
 range   = |
 wt      = |
 level   = |
 classes = |
 itemlink= |
 desc    = |
 obtain  = |



parameter explanation
iname alternate image filename. Be sure to include the extension. Default is "PAGENAME.png" then "PAGENAME.jpg" then attempt to load an image from LootDB.com from the code in itemlink
idesc alternate caption to appear below the image, default is PAGENAME
iname2 image filename for picture of this item when worn/equipped. Default is to not display this link at all. It really only applies to weapons and armor/clothing.
idesc2 alternate caption to appear below the image named by iname2, default is "PAGENAME (Equipped)"
icon If used, overrides wtype_dtype_slot.jpg logic. Remember to add extension!
flags any or all of: LORE, NO-TRADE, NO-VALUE, RENT, NO-DESTROY, etc.
str STR effect. Please preface with sign (+ or -)
sta STA effect. Please preface with sign (+ or -)
agi AGI effect. Please preface with sign (+ or -)
int INT effect. Please preface with sign (+ or -)
wis WIS effect. Please preface with sign (+ or -)
health Health effect. Please preface with sign (+ or -)
power Power effect. Please preface with sign (+ or -)
vsheat, vscold, vsmagic, vsmental, vsdivine, vsdisease, vspoison, vsslash, vscrush, vspierce Modifiers to Resistances. Please preface with sign (+ or -). See also: Category:Equipment that modifies resistances
ministration, subjugation, disruption, ordination Mastery skill modifiers. Please preface with sign (+ or -). See also: Category:Equipment that modifies mastery
slash, crush, pierce, ranged, parry, defense, aggression, deflection, focus Combat skill modifiers. Please preface with sign (+ or -). See also: Category:Equipment that modifies skills
artificing, artistry, chemistry, fletching, metalshaping, metalworking, scribing, sculpting, tailoring, tinkering, transmuting Tradeskill modifiers. These fields are NOT included in the example template, but are available for use. See also: Category:Equipment that modifies tradeskills
fishing, foresting, gathering, mining, trapping Harvesting modifiers. These fields are NOT included in the example template, but are available for use. See also: Equipment that modifies harvesting skills
addlstatboost This field is a catch-all for anything SOE might think to add to some uber-weapon that just is not seen often enough to warrant making a field for it. You must include any linking in the field, and may need to add a Category tag at the bottom of the page so your entry gets categorised properly. THIS IS AN ADVANCED FEATURE! If you are not sure how to use it, put the info on the Talk page with an {{Admin Needed|reason}} tag and let one of us do it for you.
effectlist This is the list of spelleffect names on the item in question, found in blue text at bottom of "stats" area
effectdesc Complete text from the Effects section at the bottom of the in-game Equipment Examine UI. This text should start on the line AFTER effectdesc= and should end with the pipe character. Use leading asterisks (模板:*) to properly indent the text!
slot, slot2, slot3 Head, Shoulders, Charm, Primary, Secondary, Ranged, etc. slot2 and slot3 are OPTIONAL and should only be used when needed. slot3 is NOT included in the preloaded form. See also: Category:Equipment by Slot
charges If this is a Charm that uses charges, put the number of charges here, or Unlimited.
charmopt If not blank, the word OPTIONAL will appear after slot. Obviously, this is only for Charms.
casting used for slot=charm, displays casting time, raw field, supply own units
recovery used for slot=charm, displays time until... (We're not sure, ask SoE), raw field, supply own units
duration used for slot=charm, displays spell effect length, raw field, supply own units
recast used for slot=charm, displays time until can be recast, raw field, supply own units
eradius used for slot=charm, displays range of effect, raw field, supply own units
mit Mitigation. If defined, prot will be ignored. mit and prot are mutually exclusive.
prot Protection. only seen if slot=Shield. its like mitigation, but for shields
wtype Weapon Type (i.e. Sword, Mace, Staff, etc.) Capitalization is important, as this links to categories!

NOTE: Shields no long use wtype=Shield, please now set slot=Shield, with the exact type of shield in dtype. See also: Category:Weapon Types

dtype Capitalization is important, as this links to categories! See also: Category:Equipment Types
  • for weapons: Damage Type (i.e. One-Handed Slashing)
  • for armor: Armor Type (i.e. Plate Armor, Cloth Armor)
  • for shields: Shield Type (i.e. Tower Shield, Buckler)
  • for jewelery (rings/wrists/earrings): leave blank
  • for charms: leave blank
set Beginning with Echoes of Faydwer, armor can be a part of a set. Collecting more than one of a set can provide additional benefits. If an article with the name "set (Armor Set)" exists, it will be included right after the Information Box. See also: Category:Armor Sets
dmg damage range for Weapons only. (i.e. 17-42)
drating damage rating for Weapons only (i.e. 14.3)
delay weapon delay for Weapons only (i.e. 1.2) do not include seconds
range range for Ranged Weapons only (i.e. 25) do not include meters
wt Weight (i.e. 2.0) do not include lbs.
level REQUIRED Level required to use. Numeric ONLY as this also controls the display of Tier
classes list of classes and subclasses that can use this equipment. See Category:AllCats Templates for a method to build the list with the category links embedded. IF classes is blank, the template will automatically build links for ALL adventurer classes (see Template:AllAdvCats). If this is NOT what you want to have happen, put the word All in this field! See Category:AllCats Templates for a complete list of all templates that can be used here. Be sure to put something in the 2nd parameter so the AllCats template will output text as well as links! See also: Template:SubClassLink for linking a single subclass.

NEW: If you leave this field blank, the template will make an educated guess as to usable classes based on wtype and dtype. If this equipment has a class list that is more restricted than normal, you must use the AllCats templates to build the correct list. If use is restricted to a single subclass you must build it like this: [[Necromancer]] only[[Category:Necromancer Equipment]]

itemlink The link code, from your log file, that anyone can cut and paste in-game to create a link to the item. Do not include the \aITEM that precedes it, nor the \/a that follows.
squest Name of the quest, if any, that can be started by examining this item, DOES NOT AUTO LINK
rquest Name of the quest, if any, that requires this item, DOES NOT AUTO LINK
obtain Where and/or how to get this item. May be link to a vendor NPC, type of vendor, link to a NPC or link to a Quest. (Default: unknown). When possible, please try to use one of the following templates in this field!
hregen +# In-Combat Health Regeneration Per Tick
pregen +# In-Combat Power Regeneration Per Tick
sdamage +# spell damage
cdamage +# combat art damage
heal +# heal amount
symmetry +# spell and heal amount
scdamage +# spell and combat art damage
aspeed +# Attack Speed
dps +# Damage Per Second
double +# Double Attack Chance
rdouble +# Ranged Double Attack Chance
dscrit +# Damage Spell Crit Chance
mcrit +# Melee Crit Chance
hcrit +# Healing Crit Chance
rcrit +# Ranged Crit Chance
esb +# Extra Shield Block Chance
mspeed +# Mount Speed

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