Deity symbol bristlebane
所屬陣營 - 中立
先知 - Tobel Patadash




前往魔幻大陸Bobick Village DocksTobel Patadash 對話。

Tobel patadash portrait

Tobel Patadash


Tobel PatadashGarby Gingham Gigglegibber -


  1. Trial by Pie (20)
  2. Prank'd (30)
  3. Coin Job (50)
  4. Pie Pilfering (65)
  5. Bristlebane's Beloved (69)


Bristlebane Blessings and Miracles

Praying to Bristlebane

Blessing Name Favor Description
Grin of the Trickster 750 Increases the Crushing, Slashing, and Piercing skill of the caster, and gives the caster a 35% chance to make an additional attempt to avoid a melee attack.
Bristlebane's Hymn 875 Increases DPS mod and runspeed of caster.
Rogue's Folly 1000 Increase attack speed and lower physical mitigation of caster.
Mischief Maker 1125 Dispels Stun, Mesmerize, Root, Fear, Stifle, and Daze effects on caster, and makes caster immune to those effects for 1 minute.
Deck of the King's Court 1250 Summons one card from the Deck of the King's Court.


Miracle Name Favor Description
Anvils of Fizzlethorpe 1125 Summons and drops anvils on the heads of up to 8 foes within 4 meters, stunning them for 30 seconds or until damaged.
See No Evil 1312 Increases melee and ranged crit chances of caster, decreases threat to targets in area of effect, and shapechanges caster.
Mini Militia 1500 Summons a five goblin army to aid the caster
Disappearing Act 1687 Causes your group to go stealth for 30 seconds, and makes creatures forget about your previous actions.
Swindle Fate 1875 All damage that would normally kill the player is ignored for 15 seconds.


寵物 披風 化身
Beloved of Bristlebane Cloak of Mischief Avatar of Mischief
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To listen to Bristlebane's Theme Music, click the following link: ProphetsDay.ogg

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