The Grand Prankster

盜皇 - 布里斯托班.斐斯利索普

在安東尼卡的南奎諾斯外、凱拉辛的綠茵外、西自由港外的共有地裡以及位於深懼洋的葛羅溫海灘哨站的北邊,可以找到 Blat Berisen 開始今年的布里斯托班節系列任務。你可以接獲並完成下列任務,它們都會給予成就經驗並隨你的角色等級而調整:

  1. Tin Metal Protection
  2. Card Deals
  3. Ogled Goggles
  4. Wine for the Lady
  5. Fribles's Fate



  • Cute Mode -- When you log in anytime on April 1, your will be in Cute Mode (All humanoid players and monsters will have ballooned heads) but despair not! If you just cannot stand it, use /cutemode to turn it off!
  • The Herald of Bristlebane -- If you die today, don't be so quick with that Revive button! Gerald Gigglegibber, the Herald of Bristlebane, just might be able to help with your little problem... or not. Let's all hope that "Bristly Bane" loves us!
  • The Archaeologist -- eq2players has announced that LU34 will include a new character class that starts in Haven, the Archaeologist.
Gneedeep in cutemode Mender in cutemode Geraldgigglegibber
Froglok in /cutemode Mender in /cutemode Gerald Gigglegibber