Deity symbol quellious
所屬陣營 - 善良
先知 - Pacificator Merrek



Accepting Your Deity 編輯

Speak with Pacificator Merrek on the cliffs overlooking Butcherblock Bay ( 332, 195, 372 ) /waypoint 332, 195, 372 Eq2map.gif, sit by him a while to meditate at the appropriate time, and continue with the conversation to receive the starting quest to earn favor.

'Note: Pacificator Merrek has assumed the responsibilities of Sensei Makoto Shoda who originally ushered in the return of the gods with the quest Peaceful Prison Break.

Devotion Quests編輯

  1. At Peace With the Past[20]
  2. Peace of Mind, Peace of Body[35]
  3. Peace Through Games[55]
  4. The Saboteur of Peace[65]
  5. The Gathering[70](heroic)


Blessing Name Favor Description
Pacification 750 Mental spell buff (15% longer, 15% harder resist)
Passive Assault 875 hate reduction (15%)
Teachings of Quellious 1000 power increase (500)
Pensive Preoccupation 1125 debuff proc chance
Voice of Quellious 1250 all spells cost 15% less

Note You can only have 1 Blessing and 1 Miracle active at a time.


Miracle Name Favor Description
Quellious's Will 1125 Mezz (for Epic targets 30s) and debuff on termination
Quelled Rage 1312 wipes hate from target
Shield of the Tranquil 1500 power regen (100), spellshield (breaks on spellcast)
Aura of Tranquility 1687 awareness of other encounters calling for help
Tranquil Trance 1875 Stuns and stifles caster. Increases your group's power by 5% every tick.