All of the templates below have the same format, and do the same thing, varying only by how much they do. I will use AllFighterCats for demonstration, but the others should be fairly intuitive.


  • <type> - replace this with Equipment, Items, Spells, etc. This needs to be the plural so the category links are made correctly!
  • <display?> - if this is ANYTHING but blank the answer is yes, and the template will output "All [[:Category:Fighter <type>|Fighter]]" or whatever the archetype, class or subclass is for the version you invoked. This is for use on the classes parameter of many other templates, such as EquipInformation, ItemInformation, etc.

So, {{AllSorcererCats|Items|yes}} would output the following:

[[Category:Sorcerer Items]][[Category:Wizard Items]][[:Category:Wizard Items|Wizard]], [[Category:Warlock Items]][[:Category:Warlock Items|Warlock]]

If you need to do a cat link like this for just 1 class (not a archetype or classpair), see Template:SubclassLink

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