• Introduced: If this quest was a part of the EQ2 Launch back in Nov. 2004, this may say Launch, or Shattered Lands. Otherwise this will be the name of the Expansion, Adventure Pack or the LU# this zone was introduced in.
  • Level Range: Range of player levels reccomended for adventuring in this zone.
  • Adjacent Zones: A list of zones you can get to this znoe from, and conversely get to from this zone. There may or may not be (/loc) info. If given, this is where the door to that zone can be found in this zone.
  • Instance: Public, Solo, Group or Raid. Epic may also appear, and means the same as Raid.
  • NPCs - Link to the category for all NPCs in this zone
  • Quests - Link to the category for all Quests in this zone
  • Monsters - Link to the category for all Monsters in this zone
  • Named - Link to the category for all Named Monsters in this zone
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