SOE于太平洋时间2006年6月26日早上7点(HKT 22:00)对服务器进行了一次更新,这个更新的版本号为3213L,内容如下:

The Fallen Dynasty 编辑

  • Terracotta warriors 在 the monk trial 副本会正确掉落 monk pebbles 。

背叛 编辑

  • 当玩家在进行“On the Overlord's Secret Service”或“On her Majesty's Secret Service”两个任务的时候背叛,将不需要重新开始EP3的任务Line。

Zones和怪物 编辑

- The Uncaged Alzid should play nicer and not belch up mutagenic disgorgants at an accelerated rate if you fail to kill him the first time.

物品 编辑

  • Qeynos 城市回报不再有一个最大公会等级限制。

Player vs. Player 编辑

- Lv10-的角色将不会被自由残杀。

交易技能 编辑

- All crafted symbols should be flagged as symbols. - All level 60 spells will provide Scintillating Dust and consume the correct level of fuel. - Imbued Fir Fighting Batons should now do crushing damage and use the crushing skill. - Advanced Woodworker Volume 29 recipes are now level 29 instead of 26. - Ebon/Fulginate Tower/Kite Shields should now ask for Ashen Roots as one of their build components. - Crafted satchels and pouches are now flagged correclty as thrown weapons. - Beer Braised Pork should now display correctly. - All imbued rings should now be spelled correctly. - Sunken City now has different fishing nodes with the normal fishing harvest tables. - Kaladim Wall Chain is now properly flag as handcrafted. - Plain Gukta Vase is now properly flag as handcrafted. - Cobalt Chain Boots are now flagged as chain armor.

English Version编辑

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