SOE于太平洋时间2006年6月22日早上7点(HKT 22:00)对服务器进行了一次更新,这个更新的版本号为3199L,内容如下:

Zones和怪物 编辑

  • Kregnok Legbreaker现在重返Commonlands了.
  • Terracotta warriors 在 themonk trial 副本会更常掉落碎片。
  • Terracotta warriors 在 the monk trial instances 有时会掉落Monk沙砾。
  • Terracotta warriors 在 the monk trial instances 现在需要玩家杀几个怪的时候不能在魅惑
  • Level 70+ terracotta warriors 在 the monk trial instances 现在会正确掉落碎片。
  • The Cruor Alluvium 事件在 Deathtoll will 现在将会正确升级。

物品 编辑

  • The triggered procs for the Bone Clasped Girdle, Orb of the Invoker,

and Grizzfazzle's walking stick will now take effect before the spell that triggered the proc lands. This should keep the procs from breaking mez, roots, or other spells that cancel on damage taken.

  • Zan Fi's Braided Segmenter now has a longer delay.

任务 编辑

- "Zarvonn's Legacy" is now Heroic

- "Commonlands Creature Cataloging" now points to young vulriches and monitor lizards

- "Big Game Hunting" now points to normal rhinos instead of bull rhinos.

- "Seer Stone" is now a heroic quest.

- "Overlord's Omelet" now requires young vulriches.

- "An Engraved Stump" is now heroic.

- "A Captive's Information" is now heroic.

- "The Vandals" writ now points to young vulriches.

- "Aggressive Carrion Feeders" is now heroic.

- "Supplying the Scouts" writ now requires monitor lizards.

- "Feathers for Arrows" now requires young vulriches.

- "Thinning the Herd" now requires young vulriches.

- All betrayal instanced quests can now be done as a group.

- Some of the aggro ranges of the NPCs in the betrayal instance quests were reduced.