SOE于太平洋时间2006年6月19日早上7点(HKT 22:00)对服务器进行了一次更新,这个更新的版本号为3177L,内容如下:

游戏 编辑

  • 神火现在比之前更危险了
  • 团体怪物现在增援范围增大

PVP 编辑

  • Exiles will now receive PvP immunity, when applicable, in city zones.

物品 编辑

  • The Matron's Heart 现在将会运作正常。
  • The winds of change have died down, lessening the proliferation of loose pages across the world and in the home of the societies' initiates.
  • 手工制作的矛和斧头现在将会可以供给骑士使用。

任务 编辑

  • The Shroud of the Manastone的旧处方将会改变。
  • Spark's Aflame的任务提示将会正确提示。
  • Adventurers on the "Court of Truth: Brush With Celebrity" quest can now speak to Toro again once they've collected the items he needs to make the poultice.

战斗 编辑

  • When consumed, food and drink will no longer count as a beneficial effect for spells that trigger when a beneficial effect is cast. Since that was entirely confusing, here is an example: Some spells have a chance to proc a heal if you cast a beneficial spell on yourself. Food and drink were counting as a beneficial spell, and you could repeatedly consume them for a chance to proc an effect. This will no longer occur.
  • 疫病巫医: Maelstrom: 将self-stun 改为 self-stifle/root, 持续时间改为36秒。