以下是T7的City Taks列表,为Qeynos方的

T7 City Tasks
SQ Concordium 1 Scale it back a bit Scaleborn sentries
2 Terrifying Tentacles Summoned frightlings
3 Windy Warriors Silent sentinels
4 Eye Wonder Dryeye vehemences
5 Got the stones? Ridgestone guardians
NQ Guard 1 A blade through the mist Silent sentinels
2 Feathers for faction Strifewing hunters
3 Unchecked Aggression Scaleborn sentries
4 Sit, stay. Now, kill! Unconscious territorial gorgs
NQ Celestial Watch 1 The sanctity of the sentries Scaleborn sentries
2 Holier than thou Scaleborn diviners
3 Blessed blades Scaleborn warriors
4 Document recovery Strifewing poacher
5 Proof of their passing Strifewing ravagers
EG Tunarian Alliance 1 Silencing the sentries Scaleborn sentries
2 I'll take that! Strifewing raptors
3 Whispers in the wind Strifewing poacher
4 Chirps in the night Vornerus intruders
5 Eye lash Dryeye vehemences
Level 65
SQ Concordium 1 Where is it From? a blacktalon observer Isle of Guardians
2 Tablets and Talons a strifewing agitator -
3 A Stunning Discovery an ashengaze basilisk Drednever Crash Site
4 Dark Rituals a scaleborn banisher -
5 Not of this world a cacotoxic abomination Cacotoxic Stain
6 Fire and Feathers a blacktalon summoner -
NQ Guard 1 Offensive Defense a blacktalon defender Isle of Guardians
2 Circling Overhead a strifewing ambusher Isle of Discord
3 Paralytic Perpetrators an ashengaze basilisk Drednever Crash Site
4 A Droag's Best Friend hungry gorgs -
5 Knight as a Feather a blacktalon palace knight PoA
6 Kill What We Don't Understand! a cacotoxic abomination Cacotoxic Stain
7 Build a Better Bug Trap a vornerus drone Drednever Crash Site
NQ Celestial Watch 1 Blinding the Visions a blacktalon visionary Isle of Guardians
2 Birds of a Feather... a blacktalon vindicator Isle of Guardians
3 The Horror! a fetidthorn horror Drednever Crash Site
4 Unspeakable Horror a tormented wraith -
5 Of Scholarly Pursuits a blacktalon savant -
6 Death to the Undying! an undying marauder Carrion Briar
EG Tunarian Alliance 1 Didn't See it Coming a blacktalon observer Isle of Guardians
2 Ravager Removal Strifewing ravagers -
3 All of Them... Blacktalon palace guards PoA
4 And They Tell Two Friends... Vornerus screamers Drednever Crash Site
5 Handle With Care a bloodscale handler Isle of Awakening
6 Built to Last Blacktalon crafters PoA