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Everquest 2 takes place on the world of Norrath. The regions of Norrath have been introduced gradually over the course of several expansion packs, but they all complement each other for the most part. The boundaries between expansion packs are not sharply defined, so we will present all of them integrated together in this User Guide.


Each major region of Norrath is a zone. When you enter a zone, the game pauses and the new section of the world is loaded from disk. Zones are connected with each other, either through checkpoints that you walk through, or through devices that you click on (such as a door or mariner bell). The word "zone" can refer to outdoor regions, dungeons and cities.

Outdoor zones usually have one or more major "hubs" where players will find relative safety and certain services such as merchants, menders, bankers, and a place to respawn after death. Larger outdoor zones may have travel services within the zone, such as a domesticated griffon, that help reduce the time it takes to cross the region. Passage to other zones are frequently found near these "hubs" as well.



The world of Norrath

The world of Norrath can be understood in terms of six distinct regions. These regions don't exactly correspond to specific expansion packs, but each region is fairly cohesive in terms of lore and geography. Each region gives a continuous experience across many adventure levels.

  • Western Shattered Lands: The regions surrounding the city of Qeynos have been sundered into islands and scarred with craters. Follow the rebuilding efforts of Queen Antonia as you rediscover lost lands on the continent of Karan. These zones cover adventuring levels 1-50.
  • Eastern Shattered Lands: A tense standoff between the evil cities of Freeport and Neriak is evident in these wild lands. Choose your master and make a name for yourself as you reclaim and plunder these ancient places on the continent of D'Lere. These zones cover levels 1-55.
  • The Rediscovered Lands: These lands are remnants of Norrath's southern regions, cleaved into islands and recently rediscovered. Discover fame and fortune in the city of Maj'Dul. Learn the fate of ancient civilizations and thwart the void invasion. These zones cover various level ranges from 1 to 100.
  • Faydwer: The traditional home of the sylvan races has been overrun by forces of evil. The treetop city of Kelethin has survived and renewed contact with the outside world. Now is the time to fight back. Take on the evil races and vampires that have overrun the continent. These zones cover levels 1-70.
  • Kunark: The wild southern continent was lost for centuries, but has been found again. The dangers here are even greater than before. The Iksar empire and the dragons both lay claim to this land and jealously guard its riches. The liberated Sarnaks cling to their refuge city in the ocean nearby. These zones cover levels 65-80 and 100-105.
  • Odus: These lands were warped into another dimension during the Shattering. Newly rediscovered, they face attack from the creatures of the void. Travel to these lands and discover the reason behind the Shattering and the void attacks. These zones cover levels 75-90.
  • Velious: Velious is a continent directly south of the Western Shattered Lands that was lost during the Shattering but has been reconnected with the rest of Norrath. Velious is home to the Othmir, and the site of the war between the Giants and the Coldain. These zones cover levels 85-100.
  • Above and Below: These lands are above, below, or apart from the rest of Norrath. Travel to the Overrealm and learn the fate of dragons and their kin. Venture to the lands of afterlife in the Ethernere to put the dead to rest. Discover the subterranean realm of Thalumbra deep beneath Norrath. These zones cover levels 55-70 and 90-100.
  • The Planes of Power: These are the sources of fundamental power and existence, each being the domain of a Deity, with Norrath being their confluence. In each of the planes, an Aspect or Element of existence flourishes in pure form, and is inhabited by powerful beings that embody and personify it. The planes were long shut off from Norrathians, but one deity has opened a doorway to enlist your aid. These zones mostly cover levels 100-110.
  • Luclin: The second moon of Norrath was shattered long ago by a group of gods. Pieces rained down and scarred the planet's landscape, and the remnants were visible in Norrath's sky. But a recent development saw the moon's timeline magically reversed, reconstituting the moon in order to trap a powerful foe inside. Now the moon of Luclin is back, along with its inhabitants and its threats. These zones cover levels 110-120.


The EQ2 community has divided much of the game's elements into Tiers for easy reference. Each tier covers a ten-level range. Tier 1 refers to levels 1-9, Tier 2 refers to levels 10-19, and so on. When new expansion packs raise the maximum level of the game, we refer to the new levels as being a new Tier. Many aspects of Everquest 2 are neatly classified into 10-level tiers: equipment, spells, crafting recipes, and so on. Zones of the world are also referred to in terms of tiers.

Western Shattered Lands (Karan)[]

Zone Levels Description
Keep of the Gnollslayers
10-20 In this land besieged by gnolls and scarred by past wars, the city of Qeynos is a beacon of light and hope. The good races fight to reclaim the region in the name of the gods and Queen Antonia. Bandits and Blackburrow gnolls challenge the rule of law and bring danger to the roads.
The Thundering Steppes
Bridge Keep 2
20-30 Here in the Plains of Karana, the scars of cataclysmic events run deep. The forces of Qeynos hold a beachhead here, but much of the region is lawless. Centaurs, gnolls, and mountain giants claim large areas of the land. The restless undead from past battles haunt the dry riverbeds and fallow fields.
Zek, the Orcish Wastes
The Deathfist Quarry
30-40 This land was once the verdant Jaggedpine Forest. No longer. The Deathfist orcs have largely deforested it and built a massive fortress for their emperor, while the forest's remaining denizens have become twisted and hostile. Help the invasion force to reclaim the land, or conquer it for your own profit.
The Feerrott
The Jungle of Alliz Evol
35-45 A remote dense jungle, the Feerrott contains the arisen lizardman cult and the ruins of the Rallosian empire. In this hostile land, the brave or foolish adventurer may discover many secrets and unexpected dangers.
40-50 Help the barbarians to rediscover and rebuild their traditional home in the arctic. The ice goblins and ice giants of Permafrost Keep are only some of the dangers that oppose you. Dangerous wildlife abounds in these bays and valleys. Learn the fate of the mythical dragon, Lady Vox, and the mad scientist Miragul.

Eastern Shattered Lands (D'Lere)[]

Zone Levels Description
Darklight Wood
Darklight Wood
1-20 This is the enclave of the Dark Elves and their dark queen's newest creation, the Arasai. In this compact zone, unscrupulous players can profit greatly by working for the shady characters that call this home. Exploit the shrouded forest, or become its ruthless warden.
The Commonlands
City of Freeport from the Commonlands
10-20 A greenbelt gone arid, the Commonlands are the homeland of the Freeport humans and its many evil refugees. Life here is a dismal struggle against orcs and corruption. Strong and ruthless characters may find glory within the long shadow of Freeport's overlord, Lucan D'Lere.
Nektulos Forest
Nektulos Forest Ring of Nature
20-30 Agents of Freeport and Neriak are in a tense race to reclaim this wild and shrouded forest. Remains of the old Dark Elf empire are found everywhere. Pirates, fairies, twisted treants, and undead are just a few of the dangers lurking within. Vampires lurk in the darkest corners of the region.
Enchanted Lands
Enchanted Lands
30-40 Learn how the halflings of Rivervale lost their dual war against the Runnyeye goblins and the creatures of the Void. Aid the survivors in their efforts to reclaim the misty thicket. Take the battle to the enemies and into fallen Rivervale itself.
45-55 The volcanic island ruled by Lord Nagafen, the red dragon, is a dangerous place populated by creatures of fire and lava. Win the confidence of the Sootfoot goblins and the forces opposing the Void invasion. Plunder the depths of Solusek's Eye and Najena's dungeon. Don't fall in the lava!


Zone Levels Description
Greater Faydark
Kelethin Pic
1-20 The idyllic home of the Fae and other sylvan races, this great forest is a natural hub for the continent of Faydwer. Aid the residents of Kelethin in their struggle against the orcs of Clan Crushbone.
Butcherblock Mountains
Unrest as seen from BBM
20-35 The traditional home of the Kaladim dwarves has fallen to kobolds and bugbears. With the resumption of boat travel and the arrival of the sarnaks, adventurers are returning to help turn the tide of the battle and find fame and treasure.
Steamfont Mountains
Steamfont Wetlands
35-50 Once the homeland of the gnomes, now overrun by the gnomes' creations (the clockworks) and their enemies (the kobolds). Find the hidden Gnomeland Security outpost, and help the gnomes discover the fate of their lost city, Klak'Anon.
The Lesser Faydark
Lesser Faydark
50-60 The wilder side of the Faydark is home to hostile brownies, fairies, centaurs, but the forest has also been invaded by Thexian dark elves and shadowmen from the Void. Within these confusing valleys you may find many besieged camps that are desperate for assistance.
Loping Plains
Loping Plains
60-70 Castle Mistmoore overlooks and dominates this landscape. The influence of the vampires and their kin is seen throughout, and a pall hangs over the meager Village of Somborn. Crypts and catacombs honeycomb the solid ground.

The Rediscovered Lands[]

Zone Levels Description
Frostfang Sea
Frostfang sea
1-20 In the Frostfang Sea the city of New Halas has been founded on the island known as Erollis. Inspired by the death of his sister, Mithaniel Marr created the city because the original Halas was destroyed in The Rending. Now you can find refuge here and help to rebuild this once great city.
The Sinking Sands
50-60 The Desert of Ro contains great secrets. Uncover the buried ruins of the ancient elven empire. Find profit and fame in the towering city of the Dervish people. Plunder the Rujarkian orcs and the Samiel pirates.
The Pillars of Flame
Pillars of Flame
50-60 Among the winding valleys and desert mesas, you will find the refuge of the Ashen Order monks, who may accept you if you prove your worth. Lairs of the sand giants and cyclops beckon. A hidden portal leads to the Shimmering Citadel in the sky overhead.
The Mystic Lake
Mystic Lake
55-65 The Isle of Mara is another refuge of the Ashen Order. On this island, the villagers are in a constant battle against Gunthak pirates. The ruins of an ancient and terrible civilization lurk under the surface of the lake nearby.
Moors of Ykesha
Moors of Ykesha
75-80 The old Innothule Swamp has been thrust far above the ocean during the past cataclysm. Hidden in these valleys are the remains of Guk and Grobb, and the invasion points for the alien races from the Void.
Tranquil Sea
The Isle of Refuge
95-98 An cataclysmic incident on the Isle of Refuge brings veterans back to the sea where their adventures began, where they rediscover lost lands including the Brokenskull Bay pirates' den, and an island of dinosaurs.
Phantom Sea
Death Weave Isle
98-100 An cataclysmic incident on the Isle of Refuge brings veterans back to the sea where their adventures began, where they rediscover lost lands including the Brokenskull Bay pirates' den, and an island of dinosaurs.


Zone Levels Description
Timorous Deep
Timorous Deep
1-20 Learn how the Sarnaks rose from being a slave race to liberation. Discover their volcano refuge and perhaps become a resident. The city of Gorowyn is accepting of all travellers, and there is great need for adventurers in the struggle against the indigenous aviaks.
Kylong Plains
Kylong Plains
66-72 From the outpost of Teren's Grasp, the effort is underway to regain a foothold on the wild continent. The Dreadlands and Stonewood are wilder and more dangerous than ever. The opposing forces of Chardok and Sebilis vie to conquer the region. Xalgoz, the mad sarnak, awaits within Karnor's Castle.
Fens of Nathsar
Sathirs Span
70-75 Choose your allies and become a mercenary for profit. The struggling sarnaks, the growing iksar town of Riliss, the pilgrims of Omen's Call, and other factions will vie for your loyalty as they seek advantage against their enemies. The mysterious Order of Rime has arrived an ice sheet in the ocean nearby.
Kunzar Jungle
Kunzar Jungle
72-77 In the heart of the Sebilisian empire, the native iksars are anything but united. Gain treasures and power both by plundering the iksar homeland, and by proving your worth to the competing factions that dwell here.
Jarsath Wastes
Skyfire Mountains
75-80 The iksar hold a beachhead here, but are beseiged on all sides by enemies, and are desperate for your aid. Dangers and treasures lurk in the crevices and crypts of the Overthere. Dragons and their kin rule the harsh Skyfire Mountains.
Obulus Frontier
100-105 The north lands of Kunark were long concealed by powerful elves who refuge there. Worthy adventurers may break the veil, discover the dangers and riches of Warslik's Wood, and begin their path of Ascension.


The Sundered Frontier
Sundered frontier
75-85 The magic of the Erudites tore their continent of Odus into pieces and flung it apart from the rest of Norrath. Thanks to magic you can again travel there and learn the fate of the City of Paineel, the Kejak and the mysterious Hua Mein, long thought to be extinct.
The Stonebrunt Highlands
Stonebrunt highlands
80-90 The upland region of Odus is one of the most dangerous places in existence, and one of the worst affected by the meddling of the Erudites. Find the survivors of this broken land, explore the remnants of the City of Erudin, and finish the fight against the invaders from the Void.


Great Divide
Great Divide - Thurgadin Harbor
Eastern Wastes
Eastern Wastes
The Withered Lands
The Withered Lands
Cobalt Scar

The Lands Apart[]

Zone Levels Description
Tenebrous Tangle
Tenebrous Tangle
55-62 These remnants of the Plane of Sky float in a void of eternal dusk. The twisted jungle islands are dominated by the Droag, humanoid servants of the dragons, but many other Plane of Sky creatures live here as well.
The Barren Sky
Barren Sky
60-68 The arid side of the Overrealm is baked in eternal sunshine. Aviaks rule here, divided into various allegiances and waging their own wars. Here you may uncover the palaces of past and present inhabitants.
The Bonemire
Deathtoll Zone-In in Bonemire
64-70 These volcanic islands, shrouded in eternal twilight, have been infested by many nightmarish creatures. Strong bands of adventurers may discover the fates of the ancient dragons, Lord Vyemm and Tarinax.
The Eidolon Jungle
The Eidolon Jungle
92-94 Welcome to Ethernere, the realm that mortals go when they die, to wait for their final meeting with their deity. With Drinal's blessing, mortals may enter this realm and combat the forces of War and Fear that assail it.
Obol Plains
Obol Plains
94-96 This is the home of Drinal, lord of death. The strongest mortals may travel here and help restore the veil between the living and the dead, and uncover the root of the crisis.
Vesspyr Isles
An Awakened skystalker
95-100 The Vesspyr Isles are the final resting place for dragons. This realm has become ground zero for the aspirations of Kerafyrm, the Awakened, the mightiest dragon. Here a terrible prophecy will be fulfilled or thwarted.
Thalumbra, the Ever Deep
Outer Maldura
100 Far below the surface of Norrath, in a vast subterranean realm, the friendly dwarves and gnomes struggle to survive against a new powerful foe.

The Planes of Power[]

Zone Levels Description
Plane of Magic
Plane of Magic
100-105 Accept the invitation of Druzzil Ro, the goddess of magic, and venture into her plane of existence. Prove your worth to enter the Coliseum of Valor and join the plans of the gods to save Norrath from the ascendant Lanys T'Vyl, Mistress of Hate.
Detroxxulous, the Plaguelands
105-115 This is a sprawling outdoor region of the Plane of Disease, and home of Bertoxxulous, the Plaguebringer.
Doomfire, the Burning Lands
105-115 The Plane of Fire is an elemental plane and home to some of the most powerful creatures, including the god Fennin Ro, the Tyrant.
Vegarlson, the Earthen Badlands
105-115 The Plane of Earth is the home of the Council of the Rathe.
Eryslai, the Kingdom of Wind
105-115 The Plane of Air is the home of the goddess Xegony.


Zone Levels Description
The Blinding
Recuso Tor
110-120 The harshest part of Luclin's light side is baked in eternal sunshine. Begin your exploration of this moon in the Mons Letalis, then find new allies in the lowlands of Marus Seru. Uncover a hidden threat in the militant human city of Sanctus Seru.
Aurelian Coast
Aurelian Coast
112-120 The Dawnshroud Peaks are heavily forested and travel is challenging and dangerous. Undead haunt the woods and coast, and the mysterious Ka Vethans plot around the Maiden's Eye. Persistent adventurers will discover the overrun underground city of Shadowhaven and help restore it to safety and glory.
116-120 Explore the devastated ruins of the Shissar overlords in The Grey. Enter the Scarlet Desert and tackle the diaku squads left abandoned by their gods after the shattering. Learn the fate of the goddess Luclin herself, and unmask the true threat to Norrath.
Savage Weald
Savage Weald
120 Break through the Echo Caverns and discover the dark side of Luclin. Descend from the Tenebrous Mountains into the Grimling Forest and confront the grimlings in their homeland. Discover the lost home of the Vah Shir and earn their trust.
Shadeweaver's Thicket
Shadeweaver's Thicket
120 Beyond the City of Shar Vahl, adventure through the Shadeweaver's Thicket to find the Umbral Plains. There, in the fortress of Vex Thal, lies the final confrontation with the hidden threat, and a chance to free the goddess of Luclin from captivity.

Overview of Dungeons[]

The following table is still under construction, and may have some errors or omissions.

Largest Dungeons of Norrath
  Dungeon Region Levels   Dungeon Region Levels
The Wailing Caves The Commonlands 10-18 Sanctum of the Scaleborn Tenebrous Tangle 58-67
Blackburrow Antonica 12-20 The Forsaken City The Mystic Lake 60-67
Stormhold Antonica 16-25 i The Nest of the Great Egg The Barren Sky 62-67
Fallen Gate The Commonlands 18-25 i The Den of the Devourer The Bonemire 64-70
Crushbone Keep Greater Faydark 20-30 Palace of the Awakened The Barren Sky 65-72
i Sundered Splitpaw The Thundering Steppes 20-50 Mistmoore Catacombs Loping Plains 65-72
The Ruins of Varsoon The Thundering Steppes 25-34 The Halls of Fate The Bonemire 68-73
i Tombs of Night Nektulos Forest 30-40 i Blackscale Sepulcher The Bonemire 68-73
Runnyeye Enchanted Lands 30-40 Castle Mistmoore Loping Plains 70-75
Kaladim Butcherblock Mountains 30-39 i Shard of Fear Feerrott 70-76
i Nektropos Castle Nektulos Forest 32-38 i The Estate of Unrest Butcherblock Mountains 70-76
i Deathfist Citadel Zek, the Orcish Wastes 36-44 i Nizara, City of the Nayad The Mystic Lake 70-76
Obelisk of Lost Souls Feerrott 38-50 i Nektropos Castle: Tribulation Nektulos Forest 70-76
Temple of Cazic-Thule Feerrott 40-49 Karnor's Castle Kylong Plains 72-78
i Tower of the Drafling Rivervale 40-46 Chardok Kylong Plains 76-80
Permafrost Everfrost 45-52 Sebilis Kunzar Jungle 76-80
Solusek's Eye Lavastorm 45-52 i Charasis Jarsath Wastes 80
Klak'Anon Steamfont Mountains 45-55 i Chelsith Jarsath Wastes 80
Clefts of Rujark The Sinking Sands 50-56 i Befallen The Commonlands 50-80
i Nektropos Castle: The Return Nektulos Forest 50-56 i Miragul Everfrost 50-80
The Living Tombs The Sinking Sands 50-56 i Najena Lavastorm 50-80
The Shimmering Citadel The Pillars of Flame 52-57 i Mistmyr Loping Plains 70-80
The Silent City The Sinking Sands 55-60 i Guk Moors of Ykesha 80
New Tunaria Greater Faydark 55-65 i Nu'roga Fens of Nathsar 80
i The Poets Palace The Pillars of Flame 58-65 i Veksar Fens of Nathsar 80
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