This timeline gives the details of the collection quests introduced as part of the Zek, the Scourge Wastes expansion. These collections listed here are part of the overall list of collections available in EverQuest II, which are listed at Collection Quests Timeline.

Zek, the Scourge Wastes (Solo) Collections Edit

Collections located in Zek, the Scourge Wastes (Solo)

Cruxes of the High Priest

Diviner Proofs

Emblems of Birchbark

Essence of the Scorched

Essence of the Water Spirits

Figures of War

  • Carved Figure of Strife
  • Carved Figure of Striking
  • Carved Figure of Hostility
  • Carved Figure of Conflict
  • Carved Figure of Battle
  • Carved Figure of Contest

Hammers of the Blacksmith

Scourge Dice

Scourge Weapons

Tallonite Boundary Markers

Zek, the Scourge Wastes (Solo) Meta CollectionEdit

Tallonite Sashes

Zek, the Scourge Wastes (Heroic) Collections Edit

Collections located in Zek, the Scourge Wastes (Heroic)

Bows of the Scourge

Equipment of the Warriders

Orc Tusks

  • Broken Jagged Tusk
  • Clean White Tusk
  • Shattered Yellow Tusk
  • Perfectly Intact Tusk
  • Broken Bloodied Tusk
  • Charred Broken Tusk

Quartermaster's Equipment

  • Quartermaster's Badge
  • Quartermaster's Book
  • Quartermaster's Crate
  • Quartermaster's Lantern
  • Quartermaster's Sword
  • Quartermaster's Trunk

Scourge Provisions

Scourge Sandals

  • Heavy Infantry Sandal
  • Primitive Sagebrush Sandal
  • Primitive Hunter's Sandal
  • Primitive Spiked Sandal
  • Primitive Stringed Sandal
  • Heavy Warrider's Sandal

Scourge Septum Rings

  • Golden Heavy Septum Ring
  • Rusty Iron Septum Ring
  • Bent Iron Septum Ring
  • Golden Spiked Septum Ring
  • Bloody Iron Septum Ring
  • Barbed Heavy Septum Ring

Scourge Shields

  • Scourge Steel Tower Shield
  • Scourge Blood Iron Tower Shield
  • Scourge Iron Buckler
  • Scourge Hide Buckler
  • Scourge Iron Tower Shield
  • Scourge Iron Kite Shield

Treant Bark

Watchman's Belongings

Zek, the Scourge Wastes (Heroic) Meta CollectionEdit

Pennon of the Scourge

Other Zek, the Scourge Wastes Collections (Blue Shinies)Edit

Emperor Fyst's Regalia

Greenhood Pendants

Grozmag's Regalia

Relics of Zek

Siege Plans

  • Siege Plans: Page 1
  • Siege Plans: Page 2
  • Siege Plans: Page 3
  • Siege Plans: Page 4
  • Siege Plans: Page 5
  • Siege Plans: Page 6
  • Siege Plans: Page 7
  • Siege Plans: Page 8

Totems of Greenhood Targets

Zek, the Scourge Wastes Meta CollectionEdit

Fabled Weapons of the Orcish Wastes

Scourge Keep (Advanced Solo) CollectionsEdit

Keepsakes of Scourge Keep
Each name leaves a shiny behind after being slain.

  • Eye of Viletooth
  • Pouch of Sanctifier Maknok
  • Mace of Sanctifier Yegigoth
  • Bloodied Block of Thrug
  • Dried Blood of the Blood Iron Eater
  • Head of the Glutton
  • Idol of Prime Vigoth Ansleborg
  • Gore Covered Boots of Sanctifier Kilug
  • Deadly Wand of Yallessulich
  • Deadly Call of Rinis
  • Sandals of Onok
  • Ham of Pork Chop
  • Armor of Bandak
  • Shield of Vurgal
  • Bow of Harkor

Scourge Keep (Heroic) CollectionsEdit

Mementos of Scourge Keep
Each name leaves a shiny behind after being slain.

  • Enlightened Tome of Yallessulich
  • Katana of Prime Vigoth Ansleborg
  • Blood Soaked Blade of Sanctifier Kilug
  • Sticky Guts of the Blood Iron Eater
  • Helm of the Glutton
  • Tooth of Viletooth
  • Bloodied Spear of Vurgal
  • Arrow of Harkor
  • Jagged Blade of Bandak
  • Bostaff of Onok
  • Ringing Wail of Rinis
  • Chop of Pork Chop
  • Staff of Sanctifier Maknok
  • Executioner's Blade of Thrug
  • Talisman of Sanctifier Yegigoth

Fabled Ruins of VarsoonEdit

Bookminion Pages

  • Charred Bookminion Page
  • Yellowed Bookminion Page
  • Torn Bookminion Page
  • Bloody Bookminion Page
  • Illuminated Bookminion Page


Tailor Badges

  • Badge of the Mindless Spinner
  • Badge of the Needle Worker
  • Badge of the Mindless Weaver
  • Badge of the Journyman Weaver
  • Badge of the Mindless Tailor

Tomes of Varsoon

Varsoon Rarities

  • Mibble Toad Tongue
  • Tome of the Creator
  • Flask of the Master Alchemist
  • Tongs of the Forge Overseer
  • Crawler Queen Eye

Fabled Ruins of Varsoon Meta CollectionEdit

Markers of Varsoon

Fabled Temple of Cazic-ThuleEdit

Primitive Tae Ew Pins

Tae Ew Weapons

Thulian Clay

Thulian Ooze

Thulian Torture Implements

Fabled Temple of Cazic-Thule Meta CollectionEdit

Primitive Thulian Pins

Greater Meta CollectionsEdit

Tallon's Diadems

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