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An image of Zek as appears on the world map.

Zek is the remnant of the Jaggedpine Forest from Old Antonica that fractured off during the Rending to form it's own continent. After, or perhaps during, The Age of Cataclysms, the continent was settled by orcs of the Deathfist Empire. They began cutting down the remaining trees and mining the resources of the continent in an effort to fuel their war machine. In honor of their deity, Rallos Zek, the orcs named the continent 'Zek', while the rest of the sentient races came to refer to it as the 'Orcish Wastes' due to the destruction the orcs had wrought on the environment. The continent consists of just one zone, called Zek, the Orcish Wastes, and the dungeon, Deathfist Citadel.

An image of Zek as appears on the world map, zoomed in.

The geography of Zek is that of a dry landscape divided up by high plateaus that separate the region into valleys. Locations such as the Mythical Forest and the Defiled Forest exemplify the devastation brought to the continent, while areas such as Three Toes Valley or Spirit Valley represent the past beauty and present hope of the forest's renewal. The greener areas are protected by the Green Hoods, a group of former Qeynosian rangers, but they are under constant threat of attack by the Deathfist.

The major theme of Zek is the sabotage of the orcish war machine by the Green Hoods, and understanding the status of the orcs in the Age of Destiny.