Xygoz sleeping, likely in the middle of a fight.

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EverQuest II Named Monster Information
Zone (Patch) Veeshan's Peak (Rise of Kunark)
Race Dragon
Level 86▲▲▲ Tier 9 Epic x4
Location 2nd Wing of VP ( 540, 0, -600 ) /waypoint 540, 0, -600 EQ2MAP POI
Reported Drops
Related Quests
AA Exp Yes
Status Points 16,000

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Xygoz is quite a fun fight. The MT will start by clicking on him - if anyone else does, they will be attacked. During the fight he will fall asleep, twice- there are two different dreams that you must deal with. They can happen in any order, and happen at 80% and 40%. Anyone underneath Xygoz when he falls asleep will be instantly killed.

The best position to fight Xygoz is with the MT at his head, and the rest of the raid starting on the large rock located on the right hand side of the slumbering dragon. This gives a good position for melee DPS to joust in to when the dragon is awake and back to when Xygoz falls asleep.

The first dream will spawn miniature versions of all the major dragons in the zone. They mock Xygoz for having no pants, so you must kill them. They are all heroic except for Trakanon, and not very hard.

The second dream will create a miniature doll of everyone in the raid. They spawn at the bottom of the ramp to the North (entrance) of the room. Everyone must pick up the doll of his/herself (double click), and the last person to do so will be the one that Xygoz attacks when he wakes up. The MT does not necessarily have to pick up their doll, they can simply agro lock Xygoz when he awakens. Leaving the MT's doll up for the remainder of the fight has no negative consequences for the raid. Once you have double clicked your doll, jousting back to the rock will keep the area clear for those having a harder time finding the miniature version of their character. Note that this step occasionally bugs, and may reset the encounter- just keep trying.

Aside from the dreams and an incurable fear there are no special tactics to Xygoz, jousting to the rock will keep the raid from suffering the fear effect.

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