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Wurmbone's End

Wurmbone's End (Heroic)

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EverQuest II Instanced Zone Information
Introduced Chains of Eternity
Level Range 95
Zone in from Jarsath Wastes
Parent Zone None
Difficulty Group
Persistence 1h30min - 3days
Quests NPCs Monsters Names
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Fact: The zonename is Wurmbone's End

This is the most challenging heroic instance in Chains of Eternity - do not attempt it in hard mode until you've conquered the rest of them!


please post tips about boss fights!

Seer Gh'char

Contrary to what you may hear in your server chat channels you can not get this mob into hard mode by pulling him off his platform. Pulling him off his platform does the same thing in heroic as it does in solo; you get approximately four adds between each Spirit Rift AE.

This may be the method you want to use if you have heavy DPS as you can kill the adds while he channels his AE.

All-blocker Mohngu

Necromunger Garrkk - pop waves with 4 adds during the fight that can be a pain for a solo heal to keep the group alive

Tip: seems as if the adds explode when they reach and stay near the necromunger for too long. We had our entire party stay ranged and not use AOE's except the tank to grab aggro. The aoe damage was significantly less and we seemed to also get a lot less adds as a result. Took a few pulls but fight was easy once we did this. We are not very well geared as we are returning players, but were able to clear the instance with this guy being the hardest.

Prime Magnate Mrelg - Easy Mode

Just like in the solo instance you get a message that he's going into hard mode when he gets about 20% down. Your pointer becomes a hand when you mouse over him and by clicking him you can prevent the transition. He's a pushover.

Prime Magnate Mrelg - Hard Mode (his name becomes the Mrelg the All-Tender or something)

Similar to other hard mode heroic bosses in Chains of Eternity when he switches to HM a few things happen:

  • He's immune to damage during the transition.
  • He is healed to full.
  • He wipes off debuffs.
  • His critical avoidance jumps to 300%.

The snakes continue to add while you fight him and they have too much health to burn down as they spawn (our DPS was about 1.2M and we couldn't come close). The snakes do a trauma DOT that if not cured in four seconds will do massive physical damage - it must be cured and it happens constantly. Only our tank could survive the final tick of it.

Definitely a two healer fight and expect each healer to perform at least 200 cures before he finally goes down.

Mrelg has devastating frontal AE auto, keep them away from your squishies.

I think most agree this is the hardest heroic mob in Chains of Eternity. If your crew can drop him they can drop any heroic.

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