Everfrost - World Tree Root

World Tree Root

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EverQuest II Point of Interest
Zone Everfrost (Shattered Lands)
Location At the east end of Hollowfrost Grove ( -642, -18, -306 ) /waypoint -642, -18, -306 Eq2map
Discovery Location (AA) yes

What does this information mean?

At some point between the days of Everquest 1 and The Shattering, the World Tree, Tunarbos, grew in the Everfrost Plains and a forest called the Icepine Forest grew up around it.

The forest was destroyed in The Shattering, and The World Tree is not dead, but dormant. There is still a lot of magical power in the Root, and it is considered Holy by worshippers of Tunare, the Barbarians that once inhabited Everfrost and, surprisingly, the Numbfoot Troglodytes.

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