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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Tradeskill  (AA)
Journal Level 80 (Tier 9)
Journal Difficulty Solo
Starting Zone Moors of Ykesha more
How to Start Hail Reedip Marrstongue at Tupta ( 8, -53, 836 ) /waypoint 8, -53, 836
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  1. Fulfil the frogloks' work order as requested
    1. Click on the recipe book next to Reedip and scribe the Tupta Traditional Artisanry which gets placed in your inventory. (Ingredients are found around Tupta: "tuptan fruit" is a "basket of fresh fruit" on the ground outside of the buildings; "chunk of fresh shelf fungus" is the mushroom that grows on the trees in Tupta called "shelf fungus"; "ykeshan shellfish" are found in the river at the waterfall near Tupta ( -136, -93, 588 ) /waypoint -136, -93, 588.)
    2. Make 10 bottles of froglok swamp juice
  2. Place the bottles in the basket next to Reedip


  • At least 24g 61s 70c
  • Completing this quest gives +2000 faction with Guktan Guard
  • Completing this quest gives -500 faction with Clan Grobb
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