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If you can, please take a screenshot of a male character (yourself or someone else) wearing this item, crop it, and upload it either as jpg or as png Wooly (Armor Set) (Visible, Female)

Armor Set: Wooly

No special bonus is gained by the wearing of multiple pieces of this set.

This armor may be worn only by: Bruisers, Furies, Monks, Wardens.

Bad'Ushra in Moonfield Hamlet will exchange Marks of Manaar for Legendary armor. The head, chest, hands, and legs slots are expected to be filled with instance drops and are offered only as appearance items so characters may obtain a consistent look.

This armor is purchased as follows:

Shoulders75 Mark of ManaarsMoonfield Hamlet
Forearms50 Mark of ManaarsMoonfield Hamlet
Feet50 Mark of ManaarsMoonfield Hamlet
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