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Windstalker Village

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iname = WindstalkerVillage.jpg|
iname = |
zone = Antonica|
zone = Antonica|
patch = |
patch = |
location = |
location = near the {{POI|Ulteran Spires (Ant)|Ulteran Spires}}, at|
mapref = |
mapref = -1865,-38,-550|
uid =
uid = 915
==NPCs and their Related Quests==
*'''[[Angelina McQuibble]]''', '''[[Bobby McQuibble]]''', '''[[Old Man McQuibble]]''', '''[[Professor Heribert]]''', and '''[[Merle Trevine]]'''
**[[McQuibble's Mystery]]
**[[Petrified Pumpkin Pies]]
**[[Scary Scarecrows]]
**[[The Troubling Truth]]
*'''[[Blarton Blumble]]'''
**[[Lucky Lure]]
**[[Fishing Hole Hunt]]
**[[The One That Got Away]]
**[[Fishing For Bait]]
**{{Quest|Care Package for Blarton}}
**{{Quest|Practical Joke on Blarton}}
*'''[[Breeza Harmet]]'''
**[[Exploring the Chessboard]]
*'''[[Cantile Digglefiz]]'''
**[[The Means to an End...]]
*'''[[Conall Lancebreaker]]'''
**[[Another Lost Love]]
*'''[[Daryann Stormrider]]'''
**[[The Balance of Life]]
*'''[[Dolph]]''', '''[[Kearney]]''', and '''[[Jimbo]]'''
**{{Quest|The Search for Vel'Arek}}
*'''[[Hartok Woolyman]]'''
**[[Patchwork Rugs]]
**[[Door to Door Delivery]]
**[[Attack of the Killer Bear]]
*'''[[Henry Maxwell Denalis]]'''
**[[Into the Fold]]
*'''[[Innkeeper Naroob]]'''
*'''[[Isdemus Hamest]]'''
**[[The Maiden of Masks]]
**[[Sparkly or Nothing]]
**[[A New Dress, NOW!]]
**[[Licha, Dancing Queen]]
**[[She Had Ribbons In Her Hair]]
*'''[[Maratis Jyd]]'''
*'''[[Riason Hanagom]]'''
**{{Quest|A Rediscovered Shrine?|}}
**{{Quest|Letter to Riason|}}
**{{Quest|Unraveling the Bloodsaber Plots|}}
*'''[[Yoru the Old]]'''
**[[The Teachings of Yoru]] ''(heritage)''
==Related Quests==
==Related Quests==
*[[The Hunt for the Windstalker Rumbler]]
*[[The Legend of Motte (Quest)|The Legend of Motte]]
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