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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Lesser Faydark
Journal Level 55 (Tier 6)
Journal Difficulty Solo
Starting Zone The Lesser Faydark more
How to Start Speak to Count Jooliin in the Fae Court
part of: Lesser Faydark Timeline
Preceded by:
Translating an Arcane Scroll
Followed by:
Preserving the Sermon

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Description Edit

The scroll that was translated by Viiljo turned out to be sad news for Count Jooliin. It seems that the void influence in The Shadowed Grove has been getting much worse recently and something needs to be done to try and buy the peoples of Faydwer more time. Count Jooliin has asked me to speak with sage Lilia in Kelethin about a temporary solution to this problem.

Steps Edit

  1. Speak to Lilia Posey ( 142, 110, 180 ) /waypoint 142, 110, 180 in Kelethin.
  2. Head to The Lesser Faydark, to Tunare's Grove, and get some sap from a rare vine in the area around ( -220, -35, -307 ) /waypoint -220, -35, -307. Right click to obtain the rare vine sap.
  3. Return to Viiljo Aelii ( -300, -57, 445 ) /waypoint -300, -57, 445, and speak to him.
    • Wait until he is finished. Some animations. Takes about 30 seconds. Talk to him again.
  4. Find Vergo Stormherald ( 773, 118, -391 ) /waypoint 773, 118, -391, and talk to him (walks around near the Wu camp).
    • Talk to him the second time to retrieve the item back.

      Where to plant the holy symbol of Tunare.


      The holy symbol of Tunare, as it appears planted in the ground.

  5. Go to The Shadowed Grove and place the symbol into the ground near the glowing locations just inside the grove entrance to the right and left of the tunnel. You'll be near the appropriate spot when the message "The holy symbol of Tunare in your inventory glows brightly. and you should see rings of pulsing, glowing leaves on the ground as shown in the picture at right.
    • Location 1: ( 391, -35, 350 ) /waypoint 391, -35, 350
    • Location 2: ( 317, -25, 404 ) /waypoint 317, -25, 404
    • Right click the blessed symbol of Tunare in your inventory to get the update. The ground will shake through the entire zone and most of the mobs in the area will disappear.
  6. Return to Count Jooliin in the Fae Court.

Rewards Edit

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