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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category World Event  (AA)
Introduced LU54
Journal Level Scales with player level
Journal Difficulty Solo
Starting Zone Frostfang Sea more
How to Start Speak with Priestess Annalisa Swornlove in New Halas8, 148, -64 ) Copy
Preceded by:
Shot Through the Heart
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What does this information mean?

I met up with Priestess Annalisa Swornlove in the city of New Halas, along with her brother, Aaronolis, and three Sisters of Erollisi. She has been shaken by the apparent power of hate, but she is determined to continue to carry out the works of Erollisi!


  1. I have volunteered to enter the Nektropos Castle in search of a stolen tome from the Vaults of Truth and Love.
    1. I must enter Nektropos Castle: Love's Errand.
    2. I should find a scroll at the foot of a statue inside the Everling castle Chapel. ( -20, 0, 55 ) Copy
    3. I should inspect the curious scroll I found at Ullkorruuk's statue.
    4. I should seek "her presence" as "voices of treachery have often guided the house of Everling."
      • While in the chapel, dust off the stone in front of the statue, then right click stone to speak the words. Speak with Kirstiana X'aphon, who should have spawned.
    5. I must locate and enter the Everling library.
      1. Click the brick wall at ( -20, 0, 68 ) Copy to open a secret door. Enter, go upstairs, and leave the room.
      2. The library door is closed, so move on and clear the rooms at ( 35, 13, 30 ) Copy (watch out for the trap in front of the door) and ( 35, 13, 16 ) Copy
      3. After you killed both Restless Liches a message tells you that a door has opened. Now you can enter the library! ( -28, 13, 64 ) Copy
    6. I must obtain the tome stolen from the Vaults of Truth and Love within the Everling library.
      • Obtain the stolen tome, a blue book at ( -20, 14, 48 ) Copy.
  2. Priestess Annalisa Swornlove will be pleased to hear of my success!


  • You will find that 1-2 brittle resident skeletons spawn at various points in this instance
  • There is a trap in the the stables that comes down from the ceiling and places "Crushing Block" upon you. This trap can be avoided by looking up and right clicking and disarming the trap if you have any Disarm Trap skill.
  • a vengeful spirit and a crumbling wall are found in the hallways, but can be bypassed using Stealth
  • Any of the killable creatures in this instance can drop candy or love notes, and they're not what you might expect: apparently some of these are ensorcelled. You can get candy/notes from any of the Shattered Lands races.


Icon Heart.png This article refers to events, personae, items and activities only present in-game during the annual Erollisi Day festivities, which come to Norrath each year for a short time roughly around February 14th.