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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Maj'Dul  (AA)
Journal Level 49 (Tier 5)
Journal Difficulty Solo
Starting Zone Maj'Dul more
How to Start Click the door of the Peacock Club in Maj'Dul at ( -225, 146, 82 ) /waypoint -225, 146, 82 across the plank at ( -229, 147, 74 ) /waypoint -229.48, 147.41, 73.62. Do not click on knocker.
part of: Peacock Club Timeline
Preceded by:
The Tale of Dalgin B'Dynn
Followed by:
Down to the Last Peacock
A Thief in the House of Blades
A Thief in the House of Coin
A Thief in the House of Truth
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  1. Click on knocker to enter the club.
  2. Speak to Peacock Lord Wad'dah Haz'Iz in the back room. He will test you by telling you to take Ceremonial Cutthroat Banners from each Court. You get these by entering special instanced versions of each of the Courts. You will need to examine keys that drop from palace sweepers to obtain the subquests required to enter these special instances.
    • Palace sweepers spawn at ( -228, 160, -128 ) /waypoint -228, 160, -128. The spawn time is approximately 5 minutes. After spawning the palace sweeper will wander around the nearby market, Skygazer Plateau, outside the Sultan's Palace, past the Court of Truth and finally down into Outcasts' Ledge where they despawn around ( -114, 156, 47 ) /waypoint -114, 156, 47. Only one palace sweeper will spawn at a time and it is possible to get the same NPC spawning several times in a row.
    • The color of the palace sweeper's robe corresponds to the key that they drop: Red = Truth, Yellow = Coin, and Blue = Blades.
    • If in a group, each member will need their own set of the three keys to meet the entrance requirement at each Court.
    • Examine the keys to receive the three subquests:
  3. Return to the Peacock Club with the banners and hand them to Peacock Lord Wad'dah Haz'Iz.
  4. Leave the Peacock Club.


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