EQ2 Tradeskill Writ Information
Journal CategoryCity Tradeskill Tasks
Class (Level)Tailor 34 (Tier 4)
DifficultyTalented Tier 4 Rush Order
Starting the QuestSpeak to a Rush Order Foreman in any of the Tradeskill Instances
See Tradeskill Writs for more information

This Tradeskill Writ is timed. You have 8:30 to complete this task. If you fail you will lose any reward, but keep the fuel costs that were reimbursed to you before the timer ran out.

Click on the Orders Desk near the Rush Order Foreman to collect your invoice and start the timer.


You will need 18 Glimmering Filament for fuel as well as the common harvested materials to make 6 handcrafted items between the levels of 30 and 34


  1. Once you have been given the rush order task, find an orders desk or clipboard (near the tradeskill object you will use) and click to receive your invoice (in the form of "quest tasks").
  2. Craft the 6 items in your invoice, 4 single items and 2 of another, within 8 minutes and 30 seconds.
    • You will be reimbursed for the cost of fuel after each single item successfully crafted and after both of the last 2 items on the list.
      • You do not need to accept each fuel reimbursement before moving on to craft the next item.
  3. Return to the NPC that gave you the assignment for your reward.


At least  48s plust the cost of feul ( 92s 16c )

Status (depending on level):
4160 status @ Tradeskill level 34
4001 status @ Tradeskill level 35
3851 status @ Tradeskill level 36
3710 status @ Tradeskill level 37
3576 status @ Tradeskill level 38

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