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Replaced by, and merged with the Warcaster's Aura of Death (Armor Set)

Armor Set: Warmage's Aura of Death

  • (2) 3% Potency, +675 Ability Modifier, 1% Doublecast Chance

This armor may be worn only by: All Mages

This armor is obtained as follows:

Item Dropped by Zone
Frozen Energy ClaspIilatus FrostbeardKraytoc's Fortress of Rime (Challenge)
Bangle of Searing WarSupreme Imperium ValdemarTemple of Rallos Zek: Foundations of Stone (Challenge)
Wristlet of Seizurous Assault (no longer drops)Mrogr BloodtaintSullon's Spire (Challenge)
Dominant Wristlet of AssaultMrogr BloodtaintSullon's Spire (Challenge)
Ancient Bracelet of Corroded Amethyst (no longer drops)Hand of VallonVallon's Tower (Challenge)
Forceful Bracelet of Corroded AmethystGeneral UtehkTallon's Stronghold (Challenge)
Stalwart Bangle of the FallenLichlord SkullduggerVallon's Tower (Challenge)
Bangle of Elemental EnslavementHarpy trashPlane of War
Armband of the Hendin Shadow Savant (no longer drops)Harpy trashPlane of War
Modulated Armband of the Hendin Shadow SavantHarpy trashPlane of War
Rending Bangle of the MorlockTagrin MaldricPlane of War
Forceful Wristlet of Phlebotomization ReversalGeneralsPlane of War
Armband of the Fate Revisionist (no longer drops)Tagrin MaldricPlane of War
Modulated Armband of the Fate RevisionistTagrin MaldricPlane of War
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