On your Character Window is a new Section called "Wardrobe".
If you don't see it, please use the default UI
Once you added an item to the Wardrobe you can't get it back out again! So i suggest you only place items there that are "appearnce only" and "no-Trade!"

Amount of slotsEdit

The amount of slots available is based off the version of the expansion.

  • Standard Editon: 6 slots (per category)
  • Collector's Edition: 12 slots (per category)
  • Premium Edition: 18 slots (per category)
  • Max amount of rows per category: 21

Adding Equipment to your WardrobeEdit

Their are NO class restrictions that prevent adding equipment to your Wardrobe! Equipment added to your Wardrobe will be destroyed! To add equipment, click on the Wardrobe tab in your character window and then drag the item from your inventory onto the "Add to Wardrobe" section at the top of the page. You may also drag the item onto any of the icon rows. You will receive a prompt explaining the item will be destroyed and stating the category the item will be added to. For One-Handed or Dual Wield weapons, you will be asked to choose either the Primary or Secondary category, which can be changed at any time (see Switching Weapon Categories below).

Equipping Wardrobe AppearancesEdit

There are two ways to equip Wardrobe appearances: 1. Click the Appearance tab on the character window, and then click on an appearance slot. If you have Wardrobe items associated with that appearance slot, you will see a pop-out menu showing those items. Clicking on any item in the pop-out menu will equip its appearance. 2. You may simply right-click the item in your Wardrobe and choose "Equip Wardrobe Item".

Removing Equipment from your WardrobeEdit

To remove equipment from your Wardrobe, right-click on it and choose the "Remove from Wardrobe" option. You will then be asked to confirm the removal. Note: Equipment removed form the Wardrobe are not returned to the character!

Switching Weapon CategoriesEdit

One-Handed or Dual Wield weapons may be placed in either the Primary or Secondary categories. If you wish to move one of these weapons to the other category, simply right-click on the weapon and choose "Switch Wardrobe Category". This requires you have an open slot in the destination category. Note: This option will only appear once the icon's examine information is done loading (when you can see the item's tool-tip)

Appearance Item SetsEdit

Wardrobe equipment is fully functional with your Appearance Item Sets. Once you have your Wardrobe appearances equipped, simply click on the Sets tab (in the Appearance section) and click either the "Create New Set" button or save over an existing set.

House DisplaysEdit

When dressing a Mannequin, you can access appearances from your Wardrobe by left-clicking on the associated equipment icon slot on the Mannequin's UI.

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