During the course of this timeline you will need to meet the following requirements:


The Quest starter (a shifting elemental shard) is dropped by a shifting ethereal elemental (80^^^) in Kunzar Jungle around ( -675, 102, 437 ) /waypoint -675, 102, 437, ( -631, -69, 461 ) /waypoint -631, -69, 461, or ( -548, -72, 538 ) /waypoint -548, -72, 538. It seems to spawn anywhere in the raptor valley and has a reported 1 to 2 hour (approximate) respawn time. The mob "blinks" around the valley -- meaning it only stays in one spot for a short period of time (a few seconds) before it disappears to another spot. A tracker is highly recommended for this reason, and if you see it hit it immediately before it blinks again. I had it spawn for me three times within 15 minutes at ( -646, -69, 528 ) /waypoint -646.27, -68.65, 528.3.

NOTE: As with all of the Epic Weapon quests, you cannot start the quest until you are a Level 80 Warden -- the shard will NOT show up to be looted until you are 80.

A Broken BarrierEdit

  1. Find Arch Druid Veryn P'Neru INSIDE the Shadow Oak at ( 442, -15, -265 ) /waypoint 442, -15, -265 in Darklight Wood.

Reports from the WoundedEdit

  • Speak to Veryn and get the following four quests. They can be done simultaneously and in any order:

Broken Barrier: Wounded of the AirEdit

Gaseous scouts
  1. Find a nameless druid in the Ryjesium Peaks of Kylong Plains ( 1435, 417, -541 ) /waypoint 1435, 417, -541
  2. Fish 10 gaseous scouts (look like small clouds) off the cliffs, ranging from about ( 1527, 384, -319 ) /waypoint 1527, 384, -319 around to ( 1355, 385, -252 ) /waypoint 1355, 385, -252. There are approximately 8 of them, with a relatively short respawn of up to 3-4 minutes, but they are also found around ( 1209, 401, -571 ) /waypoint 1209, 401, -571 so you dont have to wait for repop.
  3. Return to the nameless druid.

Broken Barrier: Wounded of the WaterEdit

  1. Find a nameless druid in the water south of Omen's Call in Fens of Nathsar near the Yha-lei ( 443, -125, 501 ) /waypoint 443, -125, 501
  2. Use the provided hydromancer power siphon on 10 Yha-lei hydromancers when they are at 30% health or lower in order to collect the water essences. You may need to mentor or use lower-level abilities to avoid one-shotting the hydromancers.
  3. Return to the nameless druid.

Broken Barrier: Wounded of the EarthEdit

  1. Find ferocious elemental in Kunzar Jungle at ( -751, -53, 408 ) /waypoint -751, -53, 408.
    • The elemental will turn into a 80^^^heroic, will attack upon getting close; kill it to update this step.

Broken Barrier: Wounded of the FireEdit

  1. Find a nameless druid on a rock in a lava river in Skyfire Mountains in Jarsath Wastes ( -1354, 214, 263 ) /waypoint -1354, 214, 263
  2. Use the provided rock sampler to take samples from the two other magma rivers in the Skyfire Mountains region. Note that you only have to stand on the edge to use the sampler, you do not have to go into the lava.
    • The first river is at ( -1012, 231, 493 ) /waypoint -1012, 231, 493.
    • The second river is near VP, around ( -1205, 230, 1036 ) /waypoint -1205, 230, 1036.
  3. Return to the nameless druid.
  • Return to Veryn to complete all 4 Wounded quests and to receive the next quest.

Broken Barrier: Elemental BindingsEdit

  1. Find the three required elemental bindings
    • elemental binding of air
      • Karnor's Castle - Sergeant Levik (73^^^), on the outer walk upstairs in the west building ( 128, -36, 136 ) /waypoint 128, -36, 136. Has a PH of "drolvarg lookout" at the same spot, 10-15 minute respawn. Only the named gives the binding, and Levik has a strong knockback.
    • elemental binding of water
      • Chardok - Random drop off any Archimage in the zone, found in the Palace region past the red gate. Not a guaranteed drop, so it can take several kills. Found from ( 865, -21, 270 ) /waypoint 865, -21, 270 to ( 745, -30, 170 ) /waypoint 745, -30, 170 roaming in groups of 3.
    • elemental binding of fire
      • Sebilis - Master Arcanist Guroth (82^^^) in the back of the Hidden Laboratory ( -310, -25, 375 ) /waypoint -310, -25, 375.
      • Use the candlestick (-306, -22, 324) in the main library section to access the hidden lab. PH is "an apprentice" and only the named will give the binding, a 20-30 minute respawn. The hidden laboratory is full of caster-type iksar, so be prepared for tricky pulls and distance fighting if need be.
  2. Return to Veryn P'Neru.
    • She will give you your next quest, and it's a toughie...

Broken Barrier: Tilzax V'RerynEdit

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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Signature  (AA)
Journal Level 85 (Tier 9)
Journal Difficulty Heroic
Starting Zone Darklight Wood more
How to Start Speak to Veryn P'Neru in the Darklight Woods ( 442, -15, -265 ) /waypoint 442, -15, -265
part of: Warden Epic Weapon Timeline
Preceded by:
Broken Barrier: Wounded of the Fire
Followed by:
Broken Barrier: The Bite of the Wolf
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Tilzax V'Reryn

Tilzax V'Reryn

  1. Speak to Tilzax V'Reryn on the top floor of the Shadow Oak in the Darklight Woods ( 450, -7, -268 ) /waypoint 450, -7, -268

This quest is part of the Warden Epic Weapon Timeline, and can only be started/completed by a member of that class of at least Level 80.

    • Easy, eh? Tilzax will give you your next quest.

Broken Barrier: The Bite of the WolfEdit

  1. Locate the materials required to reforge the Bite of the Wolf:
  2. Return to Tilzax V'Reryn.
    • Tilzax gives you your next "quest".

Broken Barrier: Veryn's CallEdit

  1. Speak to Veryn P'Neru in the Shadow Oak in Darklight Wood ( 443, -16, -265 ) /waypoint 443, -16, -265.
    • After giving you a nice chunk of AA for walking down some stairs, Veryn will send you off on the final quest of the Fabled epic.

Broken Barrier: Lessons of the FallenEdit

Ferocious elemental's body

the ferocious elemental's body

  1. Return to Kunzar Jungle and find a trinket owned by the Wounded of the Earth.
    • The trinket can be found on the ferocious elemental's body where you killed them. ( -752, -53, 398 ) /waypoint -752, -53, 398
  2. Return to Veryn P'Neru.
  3. Speak with Tilzax V'Reryn to receive the Bite of the Wolf and the next quest (which will upgrade it to the mythical version).
    • Congratulations! With enough Heal Crit you'll soon be able to forget what "power" is while healing.

Making it Mythical: Sealing of the BladeEdit

  1. Infuse the Bite of the Wolf with elemental power.
  2. Use the magical whetstone owned by the Brood of Di'Zok on the Bite of the Wolf.
  3. Seal the elemental power within the Bite of the Wolf with the secretion from a magmatic gland.
  • Important Note: The above steps must be done in order and the items must be used before you leave each zone or the item will vanish.


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