EQ2 Tradeskill Writ Information
Journal CategoryCity Tradeskill Tasks
Class (Level)Carpenter 30 (Tier 4)
DifficultyNormal Tier 4 Rush Order
Starting the QuestSpeak to a Rush Order Foreman in any of the Tradeskill Instances
See Tradeskill Writs for more information

This Tradeskill Writ is timed. You have 8:30 to complete this task. If you fail you will lose any reward, but keep the fuel costs that were reimbursed to you before the timer ran out.

Click on the Orders Desk near the Rush Order Foreman to collect your invoice and start the timer.

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  • At least 24s 3062 status
  • Completing this rush order gives +200 faction with the appropriate city tradeskill faction.
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