Wake the dead

A group of gravestones as they appear in Freeport. The shovel may be near any of these locations at various times.

Wake the Dead is a Nights of the Dead event introduced in 2017.

To participate:Edit

  1. Find a shovel near a cluster of gravestones during Nights of the Dead and pick it up.
  2. Equip the shovel will equip in your weapon appearance slot, not in your wardrobe
    • You can keep the shovel after the event.
    • If you place the shovel in your wardrobe, if you want to go gravedigging again, you will need to then loot and equip another shovel (it can be found again once the shovel is no longer in your physical inventory).
  3. Find gravestones that are clickable, and click on them to "wake the dead".
  4. When you dig up a grave, various outcomes are possible:
    • A mob appears and attacks you.
      • Note: To avoid aggroing wandering guards, use Singular Focus while gravedigging and avoid AOEs.
    • A forlorn apparition appears. Hail it to start the Broken Mirrors quest.
    • You receive a present containing one of several items.
    • A woken spirit appears, and you must hail it. The mob will randomly do one of the following:
      • tell you that it wants to fight and you can choose whether you want to fight or not.
      • says it wants to play Hide-n-seek with you and if you agree, promptly disappears, only to show up again and again later.
      • asks why it was woken and then, you can say that it's Nights of the Dead and the spirit dances or to test it's might to choose to fight the spirit.


The Wake the Dead Achievement and title may be earned by digging up 25 graves.


There are a variety of rewards available from this event, all of which are granted randomly.

These include:

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