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The Wailing Caves
Levels 10-20
Commonlands - Wailing Caves entrance
Entrance to The Wailing Caves at night
Introduced Shattered Lands
Zone Type Public
Adjacent to The Commonlands
Quest Lines Wailing Caves Timeline
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Built deep underground, beneath the Jagged Spine mountains that partially surrounds The Commonlands, lies the stronghold of the The Ree Orcs and their undead compatriots, the Shin'Ree. As the adventurer delves deeper into this dungeon, their sense of direction and normalcy will become lost. Perhaps it is the sense of dread upon seeing unholy sights such as The Pit of Death or The Burial Pit, or perhaps it is the distant wail that can be heard in every darkened corner. Something definitely isn't right in The Wailing Caves...


Commonlands - Wailing Caves entrance 2

Entrance; if you look closely, inside the mouth you can see two red eyes warning any would-be adventurers about entering here.


Entrance part (West) EQ2Map
Eastern part EQ2Map




See: Wailing Caves Timeline



  • Exquisite chests drop frequently in this zone. This is a great place to loot-run at the lower levels!
  • Wailing Caves is a good experience zone for it's level and also provides some nice AA for those that have not already received it.
  • Chrono-mentoring to level 20 will ensure all mobs (except a few in the first area) are green or higher.
  • There are two doors at the bottom level of the zone:
  • The first is a normal door that leads to Lord Ree's Private Chambers. If this door is locked when Lord Ree has recently been killed and the encounter is on cooldown. You must wait an indeterminate amount of time before the cooldown is up (possibly an hour).
    Wailing Caves - locked door
  • The second door, shown on the right, is a mysterious door bearing the mark of The Ree Orcs. It has remained locked since the launch of Everquest II, and what lies past it is unknown.
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