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EverQuest II Named Monster Information
Zone (Patch) Lair of the Dragon Queen (Sentinel's Fate)
Race Droag
Level 95▲▲▲ Tier 10 Epic x4 , (Approx. HP: 54,500,000)
Reported Drops
AA Exp Yes
Status Points Yes

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Easy ModeEdit

Vuulan will heal himself by 2% every time a raid member dies. He has a chance to knock you back upon attack. His biggest hitting AOEs are Icy Avalanche and Fiery Vortex, both Elemental, so stack Elemental resists/use Elemental Standard if having any trouble with those.

Throughout the fight, there are two sets of adds you may see. The first are droag ("a dracurion wizard"). These will come periodically and should be burned down. - though they do not hit too hard it is not a good idea to have them stack up. One of the wizards will stop and cast a curable AE mez; for that reason, they interrupting/stunning/etc. is helpful to do as quickly as possible.

Around the room are some targettable "strange eggs". Throughout the fight, these will start to become attackable in a clockwise order (when hatching will be called "a strange hatching egg"). If the eggs are not killed, they will spawn some drake adds which have a somewhat nasty AOE - not strong enough to one shot a group but something you will need to be ready for with group cures and wards. Get them down as quickly as possible and get back on Vuulan. Another option is to assign a player with decent DPS to kill the eggs around the room as they become attackable, therefore avoiding the extra adds.

Vuulan himself seems to be mostly tank and spank on easy.

Hard ModeEdit


  • Drops a special treasure chest containing an item used in the "hard mode" Toxxulia encounter in addition to the standard exquisite chest.
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