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Visions of Vetrovia Timeline
Recommended Levels 120 to 135
Introduced: Visions of Vetrovia
Difficulty: Solo
Starts in: see Starting Zones
Preceded by: Reign of Shadows Timeline


  • Heck of a Ghoul Time must be finished before POI quest starters become visible, dropped quest items begin dropping, and purple shinies begin appearing


Free Gear[]

  • Tishan's Lockbox is located in Svarni Expanse at ( 696, 6, 530 ) Copy


  • Use the World Bell from any Dock or Guildhall to access Svarni Expanse [Vetrovia]
  • Speak to a plumedrake keeper-30, 53, 549 ) Copy in Svarni Expanse to travel to Karuupa Jungle.
  • Speak to a plumedrake keeper754, 194, -782 ) Copy in Karuupa Jungle to travel to Svarni Expanse.
  • Speak to a dramodon keeper-806, 218, -784 ) Copy in Karuupa Jungle to travel to Mahngavi Wastes.
  • Speak to a dramodon keeper298, 151, 652 ) Copy in Mahngavi Wastes to travel to Karuupa Jungle.
  • Use a boat on the beach in Karuupa Jungle623, 1, 693 ) Copy to travel to Mahngavi Wastes-13, 6, -475 ) Copy,
  • Use a boat on the beach in Mahngavi Wastes-13, 6, -475 ) Copy to travel to Karuupa Jungle623, 1, 693 ) Copy.

Travel Baubles[]

Reward from completing the Crafting Signature line
Helpful hint: Do the crafting sig line first, it's short and then you will be able to fly everywhere!


Visions of Vetrovia Signature Quest[]

  1. Visions of Vetrovia: Time in Kamapor
  2. Visions of Vetrovia: Keeping Secrets
  3. Visions of Vetrovia: Into The Keep
  4. Visions of Vetrovia: Welcome to the Jungle
  5. Visions of Vetrovia: Pygmy Problems Aplenty
  6. Visions of Vetrovia: Evil Dedraka
  7. Visions of Vetrovia: Wastes Not, Want Not
  8. Visions of Vetrovia: Handle with Scare
  9. Visions of Vetrovia: Forlorn That Way
  10. Visions of Vetrovia: A Smashing Success
  11. Visions of Vetrovia: Vacrul Intentions
  12. Visions of Vetrovia: Eyes on Vacrul Throne
  13. Visions of Vetrovia: News Far and Wide

Svarni Expanse Quests[]

Korrom Flintknuckle[]
Boatswain Britt Feargale[]
Captain Douglan Wakerunner[]





Defender Bhandat[]



Svarni Expanse Dropped Item Missions[]

Dropped Item Missions are repeatable

Svarni Expanse POI Quests[]

Karuupa Jungle Quests[]

Shaman Bawiggi[]
Jungle Quintessence[]
Findink Topgallant[]
Huntmaster Dipmeylap[]

Karuupa Jungle Dropped Item Missions[]

Dropped Item Missions are repeatable

Karuupa Jungle POI Quests[]

Mahngavi Wastes Quests[]

Wrott Havenmore[]

Salizar Ethaz[]


Sister Ghoulinda[]

Mahngavi Wastes Dropped Item Missions[]

Dropped Item Missions are repeatable

Mahngavi Wastes POI Quests[]

Forlorn Gist Quests[]

Kurtis Scarson[]
Seamstress Nibizz[]
Halster Glintswift[]
Salizar Ethaz[]
Arqa Elharroun[]

Forlorn Gist Dropped Item Missions[]

Dropped Item Missions are repeatable

Forlorn Gist POI Quests[]

Weekly Missions[]

Solo Weekly Missions[]

Heroic Weekly Missions[]

Daily Missions[]

Solo Daily Missions[]

Heroic Daily Missions[]

Event Heroic Daily Missions[]