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Visions of Vetrovia Timeline
Recommended Levels 120 to 135
Introduced: Visions of Vetrovia
Difficulty: Solo
Starts in: see Starting Zones
Preceded by: Reign of Shadows Timeline


  • Heck of a Ghoul Time must be finished before POI quest starters become visible, dropped quest items begin dropping, and purple shinies begin appearing


Free Gear[]


  • Use the World Bell from any Dock or Guildhall to access Svarni Expanse [Vetrovia]
  • Speak to a plumedrake keeper-30, 53, 549 ) Copy in Svarni Expanse to travel to Karuupa Jungle.
  • Speak to a plumedrake keeper754, 194, -782 ) Copy in Karuupa Jungle to travel to Svarni Expanse.
  • Speak to a dramodon keeper-806, 218, -784 ) Copy in Karuupa Jungle to travel to Mahngavi Wastes.
  • Speak to a dramodon keeper298, 151, 652 ) Copy in Mahngavi Wastes to travel to Karuupa Jungle.
  • Use a boat on the beach in Karuupa Jungle623, 1, 693 ) Copy to travel to Mahngavi Wastes-13, 6, -475 ) Copy,
  • Use a boat on the beach in Mahngavi Wastes-13, 6, -475 ) Copy to travel to Karuupa Jungle623, 1, 693 ) Copy.

Travel Baubles[]

Reward from completing the Crafting Signature line
Helpful hint: Do the crafting sig line first, it's short and then you will be able to fly everywhere!



Visions of Vetrovia Signature Quest[]

  1. Visions of Vetrovia: Time in Kamapor
  2. Visions of Vetrovia: Keeping Secrets
  3. Visions of Vetrovia: Into The Keep
  4. Visions of Vetrovia: Welcome to the Jungle
  5. Visions of Vetrovia: Pygmy Problems Aplenty
  6. Visions of Vetrovia: Evil Dedraka
  7. Visions of Vetrovia: Wastes Not, Want Not
  8. Visions of Vetrovia: Handle with Scare
  9. Visions of Vetrovia: Forlorn That Way
  10. Visions of Vetrovia: A Smashing Success
  11. Visions of Vetrovia: Vacrul Intentions
  12. Visions of Vetrovia: Eyes on Vacrul Throne
  13. Visions of Vetrovia: News Far and Wide

Svarni Expanse Quests[]

Korrom Flintknuckle[]
Boatswain Britt Feargale[]
Captain Douglan Wakerunner[]





Defender Bhandat[]



Svarni Expanse Dropped Item Missions[]

Dropped Item Missions are repeatable (For Empowered Runes, Svarni Expanse collection)

Svarni Expanse POI / red book Quests[]

Red book quests for Book of Words, Svarni Expanse collection

Karuupa Jungle Quests[]

Shaman Bawiggi[]
Jungle Quintessence[]
Findink Topgallant[]
Huntmaster Dipmeylap[]

Karuupa Jungle Dropped Item Missions[]

Dropped Item Missions are repeatable (For Empowered Runes, Karuupa Jungle collection)

Karuupa Jungle POI / red book Quests[]

Red book quests for Book of Words, Karuupa Jungle collection

Mahngavi Wastes Quests[]

Wrott Havenmore[]

Salizar Ethaz[]


Sister Ghoulinda[]
  • Heck of a Ghoul Time
    • unlocks the 20 dropped Item and 20 red book quests for the collections needed for the Lexicon of Spaek collection
    • 5 pois in the each of the 4 overlands zones are unlocked after this quest as well
  • To The Lair - Lexicon of Spaek is needed for this quest
  • Cracking the Crypts:
  • Bounty Quests
    • Ghoulinda's bounty quests will drop gear with a base Resolve of 330, with rare gear being 335 Resolve.
    • Upon completing one of Ghoulinda's "Cracking the Crypts" quests, an urn will spawn in one of four or five spots in the zone. Plundering this item gives you one of the following currency items:
      • Call of the Spirit
      • Call of the Wild
      • Call of the Interrogator
      • Call of the Exiled
      • Call of the Chaotic
      • Call of the Dead
      • Call of the Berserk
      • Call of the King
      • Call of the Hunter
    • The "Call of the <X>" currency items allow you to purchase bounty contracts from Sister Ghoulinda in Ghoulinda's Lair. These bounties allow you to spawn various bounty mobs.
      • Every mob has the potential to use stifle and stun, power drains, and they all have curses that must be cured within 6 seconds to avoid a group-wide detriment, typically, with a huge power drain.
      • Aakash the Berserk, Svarni Expanse, ( -189, 190, 282 ) Copy (Berserk, Exiled)
      • Bone Eater, Mahngavi Waste67, 105, 685 ) Copy (Chaotic, Dead)
      • Kralika Heartpiercer, Svarni Expanse, ( -788, 124, 125 ) Copy (Exiled, Hunter
      • Sendara Quel, Mahngavi Waste661, 6, -574 ) Copy (Chaotic, Interrorgator)
      • Shadeblight, Karuupa Jungle-651, 68, -301 ) Copy (Spirit, Wild)
      • the Snapper King, Karuupa Jungle621, 10, 568 ) Copy (King, Wild)

Mahngavi Wastes Dropped Item Missions[]

Dropped Item Missions are repeatable (For Empowered Runes, Mahngavi Wastes collection)

Mahngavi Wastes POI / red book Quests[]

Red book quests for Book of Words, Mahngavi Wastes collection

Forlorn Gist Quests[]

Kurtis Scarson[]
Seamstress Nibizz[]
Halster Glintswift[]
Salizar Ethaz[]
Arqa Elharroun[]

Forlorn Gist Dropped Item Missions[]

Dropped Item Missions are repeatable (For Empowered Runes, Forlorn Gist collection)

Forlorn Gist POI / red book Quests[]

Red book quests for Book of Words, Forlorn Gist collection

Guide Quest[]

Weekly Missions[]

Speak to Karthik at Camp Naradasa.



Daily Missions[]


Generally these are offered as soon as you enter the related instance. Or you can get the lot from Rithuna at Camp Naradasa.

Solo Dailies[]

Speak to Krish at Camp Naradasa. Only one of the list will offered at a time.

  • Kamapor Me a Daily: Carrion Crag [Solo]
  • Kamapor Me a Daily: Caverns of the Forsaken [Solo]
  • Kamapor Me a Daily: Dedraka's Descent [Solo]
  • Kamapor Me a Daily: Heart of Conflict [Solo]
  • Kamapor Me a Daily: Nightmares of Old [Solo]
  • Kamapor Me a Daily: Phantasmal Shades [Solo]
  • Kamapor Me a Daily: Predator's Perch [Solo]
  • Kamapor Me a Daily: Rosy Reverie [Solo]
  • Kamapor Me a Daily: Suite of Screams [Solo]
  • Kamapor Me a Daily: Warpwood Cairn [Solo]


Speak to Rajni at Camp Naradasa.

Event Heroic[]

Coffers and Coffins (LU119)[]

New Quests and NPCs[]

  • Rodya in Forlorn Gist-244, 14, 125 ) Copy -- A new curiosities merchant in Forlorn Gist would love to sell you house items. There might also be something spectacular, but only if you've helped secure the goods from the Cut-throat Competition.

New Zones[]



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