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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Signature
Introduced Visions of Vetrovia
Journal Level 128 (Tier 13)
Journal Difficulty Solo
Starting Zone Karuupa Jungle more
How to Start Speak to Chief Zubbluggib502, 145, -605 ) Copy
part of: Visions of Vetrovia Timeline
Preceded by:
Visions of Vetrovia: Pygmy Problems Aplenty

sub quest line:
Locust Commotions,
Fire Resistance,
Jungle Offerings,
Food for Findink,
Finding Findink's Effects,
Rumble in the Jungle,
Undoing Dedraka Damage,
Bona Fide Treasure Seeker

Followed by:
Visions of Vetrovia: Wastes Not, Want Not

What does this information mean?


You may want to combine this with the quest Bona Fide Treasure Seeker, since it needs the same zone. (if you haven't already completed it).


  1. Enter Karuupa Jungle: Dedraka's Descent [Solo]-231, 109, -692 ) Copy.
  2. Search for a clue of corruption and find the Residual Corruption at ( -295, 105, -614 ) Copy.
    1. I had to kill Zagg the Unburied before it allowed me to examine the Residual Corruption.
  3. Kill Scarfeather Epic X2 ( -415, 115, -422 ) Copy and Krelburn-480, 124, -289 ) Copy
  4. A vine will appear near Krelburn. Climb the vine and continue the search. Click the Corruption Source at ( -644, 118, 123 ) Copy, which is guarded by epic 2x encounter Elder Gromekus with adds Ponshudu and Olipna

    Corruption Stone

  5. Behind the stone, speak to Vaziri-644, 117, 115 ) Copy.
  6. Leave the dungeon and go to Shaman Bawiggi's hut in Karuupa Jungle731, 168, -394 ) Copy.
  7. Hail Vaziri to start the ceremony.
  8. Return to Chief Zubbluggib493, 1145, -610 ) Copy
  9. Return to Vaziri on Shaman Bawiggi's platform.