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Vision of vox

Vision of Vox

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EverQuest II Named Monster Information
Zone (Patch) Permafrost (Shattered Lands)
Race Ghost
Level 58▲▲▲ Tier 6 Epic x4
Location In the first large chamber inside the doors, on the round platform, at ( 0, 8, -327 ) /waypoint 0.20, 8.27, -327.36 Eq2map
Reported Drops
Special Attacks

Summons groups of monsters at 80%, 60%, 40%, and 20% health:

Cold Chill of Death, AoE Cold DD/DoT

AA Exp Yes
Status Points Yes

What does this information mean?


The hardest part about this fight is the adds that spawn at each 20% interval. The first set of adds (16 ^^^ elementals) spawn at 80%, they are all one encounter and grouped. The next set at 60% spawns 3 Epic x2 golems, all in one encounter. The 40% adds spawn as three sets of three Epic x2 Giants, nine total. The last set of adds at 20% are three x2 behemoths.

Vox herself does not have much HP, the adds are the 'actual' encounter and difficulty for the fight.

As of 15/09/13 Vox was changed so that her spawned adds could not be run around.

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