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EverQuest II Instanced Zone Information
Introduced The Shadow Odyssey Vek: ST
Level Range 80-85
Zone in from Fens of Nathsar
Parent Zone None
Difficulty Group
Persistence 90 minutes - 3 days
NPCs Monsters Names
Drops   POIs Discos

What does this information mean?


  • Zone in from underwater in the Fens at the same location as Veksar: The Invasion631, -179, 290 ) Copy.
  • It has a similar layout to Veksar: The Invasion with additional areas and bosses.
  • The chest for an extra shard is at ( -110, -2, -122 ) Copy. The key drops from a mob that spawns in Cribblekeep's room.


As with the original Veksar dungeon, there are mobs that will be hidden until you approach them, generally in pools. The hunting shades at ( -31, -3, -112 ) Copy and ( -78, -2, -86 ) Copy will respawn after a few hours, but they cannot see invisible players.

There are four staves that have two uses. One of the staves will open the door at ( -11, -3, -138 ) Copy. These staves are also used with the quest A Long Lost Secret. They are located in the following location :

  • 80, 6, -175 ) Copy at Boss Riggledub's room entrance.
  • 5, -4, -145 ) Copy near the closed door in Cribblekeep's room. This staff is used to open the door.
  • -82, 0, -21 ) Copy in Garudon's room at the intact paw of the skeleton.
  • 0, -3, -74 ) Copy in Lord Sasil's room at the left of his sarcophagus.

The book at ( 24, 6, -201 ) Copy is used to open the door to Boss Riggledub. A breakable wall at ( -129, -2, -112 ) Copy hides an orb that opens the door to Lord Sasil. To break the wall, you only need to click on it.

Ul'lugh the Divine[]

Cold and slashing damage, no special attacks besides a knockback. To get to him you must move the statue in the first room on the left to the left.

Gruerg the Ravager[]

Move the statue again to open his door. Spawns four adds which then put an uncureable poison DoT on the group. After killing Ul'lugh the Divine, go back to the statue and move it to the right to access the rest of the zone, including this boss.

Boss Riggledub[]

Read the book in the Runearium chamber just past the Golem Factory and to the right to open the door. ( 22, 7, -201 ) Copy.

Riggledub and the golem will not be aggressive, but you want to make sure you do not attack either of them until all of the other goblins in the room are killed. It's recommended you pull them out of the room and fight them in the hallway. After the other goblins are dead, construct your own "not-as-massive golem" out of the parts found in the room. The golem you construct will engage Riggledub's golem, allowing you to fight him.

The golem parts are located on various tables in the room. Move all of these parts in the correct order of leg, leg, chest and head. Place them on small grey circle on the ground near the room entrance. Once your golem becomes active the massive golem will begin to fight it.

With the golems fighting, you can pull Boss Riggledub and kill him. He will drop a Golem Switch which can be used to deactivate the golems. Simply target the massive golem and use the item from your inventory.


Cribblekeep spawns six an aqueous protector on the pillars surrounding him. The protectors will ward him, so you have a few options. One is to mesmerize Cribblekeep and switch to the protectors, kill them and then return back to him. This is a slower method, but more suitable for groups that do not have the damage output needed to simply burn through the wards.

Another option is to simply ignore the aqueous protectors and focus on Cribblekeep. This approach requires high sustained damage, but is often the preferred method for well-geared groups. If you group has both a Coercer and Illusionist, they can also chain stun him and prevent him from spawning the protectors.

Cribblekeep has two main AoEs attacks. One is a short, incurable stun and the other is high damage. If you chain stun him, he will not cast his AoE attacks as often. He also has a knockback, so the tank should position with their back against a wall.

Lord Sasil[]

To enter Lord Sasil's room at ( -12, -3, -97 ) Copy, you need to click on the orb at ( -127, -2, -112 ) Copy after breaking the wall. Note you don't attack the wall with a weapon or need to cast AoE spells, just click on the wall.

To begin the encounter, click on his coffin in the center of the room. During the fight there are four attackable coffins behind him, destory each and the body part it spawns to make Sasil vulnerable. You can destroy them in any order.

The sarcophagus in this room at ( -27, -3, -81 ) Copy is plundered loot, a dark Sathirian tapestry.


This fight has three phases with Garudon changing form between each phase:

  • A single heroic
  • A heroic with a group of adds
  • His final form as a dragon

He has an AoE stifle and power drain, so priests and casters should be sure to stay at range. In his dragon form, he has a tail lash so players should avoid standing directly behind him. Stuns can limit his damage and interrupt his AoE.