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EverQuest II Instanced Zone Information
Introduced Chaos Descending
Level Range 118
Zone in from Myrist, the Great Library
Entrance is at

773, 412, -336 ) Copy

Parent Zone None
Difficulty Solo
Persistence 90 minutes - 3 days
NPCs Monsters Names
Drops   POIs Discos

What does this information mean?


  • Killing temple foliage wisps not fast enough will bring an arborian tender to check on the situation.


  1. Krogrock the Earthcrasher is located at ( 41, 164, -34 ) Copy and is spawned by slaying all the needlescale basilisks in the area on either side of him.
    • Krogrock is immune to fear, stun and slow effects. He casts stifles. Krogrock has a knockback. Pull him off the platform to ( 34, 160, 24 ) Copy to prevent being thrown across the zone. Krogrock also casts an arcane detriment called Rubble Rock that causes a large amount of damage if it is cured.
  2. Izanahm the Rooted is located at ( 193, 196, -98 ) Copy and is spawned by killing any of the terrene enforcers.
    • Izanahm is rooted and cannot be damaged as long as his terrene enforcers are up. He also regrows terrene enforcers, so you may have to keep killing any new ones.
    • Should you kill one of the Stones of Thudos, every 30 sec or so the earth will rumble underneath you, and a few seconds later a stone pops up, knocking you into the air. Just keep moving to avoid the knock up.
    • Izanahm uses Brigand abillities.
  3. Mudmartigan is located on top of the pyramid at ( 272, 227, -99 ) Copy and appears after the death of Izanhm.
    • Mudmartigan is rooted and immune to fear effects, and has a knockup. If you don't kill the mobs on the pedastals around him, it's likely you'll aggro one or more when you're flying back down from the knock up. They don't do a lot of damage, and one is easy to ignore, if you have any heals at all, until the named is dead.



Clear needlescale basilisks in the area on either side of Krogrock the Eathcrasher, then kill Krogrock.

Go through the door at ( 123, 160, -100 ) Copy into the Temple of the Mud King.

Izanahm the Rooted is standing on the ledge up the first flight of stairs. A row of 16 terrene enforcers, each standing on an earthen mount, protects the front of the pyramid. Izanahm becomes aggro when any of the enforcers is killed, and is both rooted and cannot be damaged until you have killed all or most of the enforcers.

Once Izanahm is slain, a flock of terrak mudflappers flies in and takes up posts on the walls and the temple, and the next name, Mudmartigan, announces "You have summoned me at your own peril, mortals!" Go up the stairs and kill him.

The portal to exit the zone is located at ( 272, 227, -99 ) Copy