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DeityMithaniel Marr (God)
Category (Target)category needed! (Group Friend)
Favor Cost *1687
Unlock QuestMust have completed the Quest "A Deeper History of the Truthbringer"
 Casting Time  1.5 seconds
 Recast time  1 hr
 Duration  60
 Range  Up to 15.0 meters meters

What does this information mean?
* Favor Cost is the base cost at a Humble Altar


  • Wards caster against 5000 points of all damage
  • 100% chance to intercept all damage on target. On a successful intercept caster takes 80% of attack damage, target takes 20% of attack damage.
  • Applies Marr's Heroism on termination.
    • Heals group members for 192 - 288
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