Valley of the Rogue Magi

Valley of the Rogue Magi at dusk.

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EverQuest II Instanced Zone Information
Introduced LU04
Level Range 16-20
Access Quest Valley of the Rogue Magi (Quest)
Zone in from The Commonlands
Parent Zone None
Difficulty Solo
Persistence 90 mintues - 3 days
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What does this information mean?

  • Entrance at: ( 679, -52, 448 ) /waypoint 679, -52, 448


A group of Rogue Magi have showed up from Antonica, fleeing from something. They have settled in an ancient valley, sealing off the entrance with magic that only a Potion of Earthwalking can overcome. Recently, terrible, wretched sounds can be heard at night emanating from the valley. Oddly enough, according to Marcus, a ratongan salesman who has keenly cornered the market production of Potion of Earthwalking, claims that the Rogue Magi are not the first group of magi to have occupied the valley...

Access QuestEdit

To gain access to this instance you must:

  1. Travel to The Crossroads in The Commonlands.
  2. Read the poster on the signpost at ( -483, -45, -300 ) /waypoint -483, -45.19, -300 to receive the quest The Secret Valley. Complete it to receive one free Potion of Earthwalking.
  3. Examining the potion will give you the repeatable quest: Valley of the Rogue Magi. Only with this quest active can you enter the instance.
    • Each time thereafter, you must buy a Potion of Earthwalking for 27c from Marcus, who is standing near the entrance at ( 670, -52, 430 ) /waypoint 670, -52, 430.
    • The potion will not transport more than 3 persons!


The only mission in Valley of the Rogue Magi is to slay as many mobs as possible! If luck is with you, Lieutenant Darvus, Captain Gaurk, Marithex D'Lixian, or A Rogue Vizier will be up for AA and loot. Ascending the tower at ( 850, -54, 582 ) /waypoint 850, -54, 582 will spawn Magus Geofry Marus outside, at the entrance to the tower. Killing the two skeleton guards in front of the building at ( 769, -54, 674 ) /waypoint 769, -54, 674 will spawn Archmagus Naerius D'Lyle.

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