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EverQuest II NPC Information
Purpose Provisioner
Race Fae
Zone Greater Faydark (Echoes of Faydwer)
Location Joleena's Restaurant


aerated mineral water6c
Basic Candle6c
Basic Coal6c
Basic Filament6c
Basic Incense6c
Basic Kindling1c
Basic Sandpaper6c
cream cheese6c
Effulgent Candle1g 80s
Effulgent Coal1g 80s
Effulgent Filament1g 80s
Effulgent Incense1g 80s
Effulgent Kindling1g 80s
Effulgent Sandpaper1g 80s
Ethereal Candle1g 56s
Ethereal Coal1g 56s
Ethereal Filament1g 56s
Ethereal Incense1g 56s
Ethereal Kindling78s
Ethereal Sandpaper1g 56s
Glimmering Candle3s 84c
Glimmering Coal3s 84c
Glimmering Filament3s 84c
Glimmering Incense3s 84c
Glimmering Kindling55c
Glimmering Sandpaper3s 84c
Glowing Candle24c
Glowing Coal24c
Glowing Filament24c
Glowing Incense24c
Glowing Kindling4c
Glowing Sandpaper24c
Lambent Candle23s 4c
Lambent Coal23s 4c
Lambent Filament23s 4c
Lambent Incense23s 4c
Lambent Kindling8s 83c
Lambent Sandpaper23s 4c
Luminous Candle15s 36c
Luminous Coal15s 36c
Luminous Filament15s 36c
Luminous Incense15s 36c
Luminous Kindling2s 21c
Luminous Sandpaper15s 36c
pristine repair material60g
repair material6g
Scintillating Candle36s 56c
Scintillating Coal36s 56c
Scintillating Filament36s 56c
Scintillating Incense36s 56c
Scintillating Kindling12s 56c
Scintillating Sandpaper34s 56c
Smoldering Candle1g
Smoldering Coal1g
Smoldering Filament1g
Smoldering Incense1g
Smoldering Kindling50s
Smoldering Sandpaper1g
Sparkling Candle96c
Sparkling Coal96c
Sparkling Filament96c
Sparkling Incense96c
Sparkling Kindling14c
Sparkling Sandpaper96c
Thaumic Candle3g
Thaumic Coal3g
Thaumic Filament3g
Thaumic Incense3g
Thaumic Kindling3g
Thaumic Sandpaper3g
Vanilla Bean6c
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