Top: from the outside to show the scale and hedge maze. Bottom: the creepy basement accessed with a secret door.

Housing Type: Prestige Housing
Obtained: Purchased from the Marketplace
Available Locations:
Quantity Limit: one per character
House Style/Theme: huge, The Estate of Unrest-themed
Mount Use Within: flying and ground mounts

General Prestige Home InfoEdit

Like all Prestige homes:

  • You must first get a deed first and then travel to the location and "buy" it for zero coin.
  • It has no recurring upkeep ("rent") of any kind.
  • You can get a portal to place in other homes or (if you have access) your guild hall
  • You can travel to it quickly if you already own it; press C to open the character sheet, click the Housing tab, locate the house on the list and click the Enter button
You can easily tour any Marketplace house by doing the following:
  1. Click on the EQ2 button in the bottom left corner of your screen
  2. Chose Housing & Leaderboards from the list
  3. Click on the Buy Houses tab
  4. Locate the house you want to look at on the list and you can click the Tour button to see an empty version.

About This HouseEdit


The bookcases can be clicked to enter the basement.

Vacant Estate of Unrest is a very large house based off of the The Estate of Unrest.

Both this house and the elaborate version have a secret door at ( -17, 4, 139 ) /waypoint -17, 4, 139. Click the bookcase to enter the creepy basement!

This version is a completely empty version; the Elaborate Estate of Unrest has some of the furniture items seen in the (normal) zone still within, but it costs a bit more than this version.

On entering, you will find yourself at a pathway leading up to this house. To get to the house you must pass a fountain and hedge maze. The grounds around this house also features a gazebo. 

The house is in a state of disrepair; the wall paper is faded and torn and areas of the floor have exposed planks.

Cost and Item CountEdit

Prices for all Marketplace items is subject to change at any time. Item limits have been increased in the past and can change at any time.