Welcome to EQ2i!

Welcome to EQ2i

Hello and welcome to EQ2i! Thank you for [[Special:Contributions/{{subst:PAGENAME}}|your contributions]], especially your recent edits to the Agelidaes page. We hope you decide to stay. Please edit to your heart's content and don't worry overmuch about using templates or "getting it right." If you're unsure of how to use any of our templates at the site, don't panic! Just start a new article and place {{wikify}} at the top of the page. Another editor will take care of the rest. Here is some general information you might find useful:

And here are some very basic editing tips:

  • If you need something deleted, place {{delete|the reason here}} on the top of the page.
  • If you see something where you know the name is not right, use the "move" link to change the name of the page.
  • If you find a page name that you are unsure if it has the correct name, place {{CapCheck|suggested correct spelling}} on the top of the page.
  • For information that you would like others to verify in-game use {{FactCheck|what you need checked}}.
  • And if all else fails and you're just not sure what to do, place {{Admin Needed|the reason here}} on the top of the page. There is also the "Report Problems" link that should appear on all pages; it is a help-ticket system that all wikia.com wikis are using.

If you need any additional help, just drop by my talk page or any of the admin's talk pages. We'd be glad to help.

Chillispike (talk) 12:13, January 15, 2015 (UTC)

new articles[edit source]

Hello! Thanks you for your recent edit's.
I only wondered how you create new equipment articles like Skirmisher's Blackened Iron Breastplate. Currently it looks like

{{EquipInformation|dtype = Plate Armor|slot = Chest|level = 40|icat = LEGENDARY|flags = ATTUNEABLE|whiteslot = 1|str = +24|sta = +26|mit = 306|
classes = Berserker, Guardian, Templar, Inquisitor, Paladin, Shadowknight|obtain = {{DroppedItem|N'Kzak the Unnatural||Enchanted Lands|Ornate}}}}

I wondered because the articles are normaly "longer" when you load the template and fill it out. Also it's easier for others to edit it in case a parameter is missing or the item get's changed.
I corrected Tome of the Intelligent Gnome before changes i made on it.
In case you have questions how to load a template please don't hesitate to ask.
On a side note the template knows the classes in the most cases - like plate armor is allways for "Berserker, Guardian, Templar, Inquisitor, Paladin, Shadowknight" - and it links it to the correct classes so you don't have to write every single class in there, for example Abhorrent Legplates of the Exalted does it that way
-- User:Chillispike  User_talk:Chillispike 10:44, January 16, 2015 (UTC)


is this how i answer to messages? Doing an edit? Sorry i'm new to all this wiki contributing :)

Stabbystabhappy (talk) 11:17, January 16, 2015 (UTC)

for your question: i do an edit and from the insert-dropdown menu i chose insert template and picked "Equipinformation"

If thats no the usual way to add something, please let me know. Thanks

  1. yeah just edit and write your answer below :)
  2. Ah ok, in that case, please don't delete paramters that are currently not needed by the article. It helps when someone wants to update the article.
I asked because i didn't knew if you write every single letter of the article to get it working or if you load the template and remove the not used parameters
-- User:Chillispike  User_talk:Chillispike 12:26, January 16, 2015 (UTC)


i noticed beastlord class is not automatically included in the fists weapon category. So one has to add it manually to a weapon?

Stabbystabhappy (talk) 09:06, January 17, 2015 (UTC)

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