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The Noob


I am a complete noob at this wiki thing, but if I can get some of the syntax down I might be able to help clean things up. I do know the basics of HTML so I doubt it's too difficult.

Active Project


I have a better appreciation now for how hard it is to get this stuff updated. I'll have to make some time nightly and add some of the quests that the site is missing.

Betrayal Mobs


The mobs for the old-style betrayal have been removed from game, but not from here. I don't know the proper syntax to flag them for deletion. Or perhaps it would be more proper to note on their individual page.

Welcome ~ from someone who was a also a complete Wiki noob a month ago! :) . Yes wiki's are odd to eyes used to html & bbcode, but you'll soon get the hang of it!

Read plenty, "watch" useful pages - like help ones - then it's easy to find them again, make notes, look at what's happening in "recent changes", make good use of the "preview" button (I know I do), and remember if it all goes badly wrong despite your best efforts then the page can be reverted! Lol that's probably all obvious stuff really.


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