strongbear stuffEdit

as a guardian my self, thanks for adding the muhc needed drop information.

class linkingEdit

please try to use the templates to link the jobs, and not just direct link to the pages, the template method creates links to all the needed categories for you.

for archetypes and classes use {{AllXXXXXCats|Equipment|yes}}

for single jobs (like on the L70 fabled sets) you can use {{SubclassLink|JOB|Equipment}}

oh yeah, most of them still say "All Class" like the Crusader one says "All Crusaders", we are in the slow process of changing them all to look like the Warrior one, where it actually says the jobs (like in game), becqause of the way the templates are linked, when one gets edited, it basicly grinds the server to a halt redoing every page that its on. it shuts down the server for about 15-45 minutes. but do keep using the templates like i showed above, it will say the right thing soon.

keep up the good work around here

--UberFuzzy 00:09, 16 June 2007 (CEST)

Welcome and Some Tips Edit

Hi there and thanks for your enthusiastic updates to EQ2i. They've been great bits of useful information that people are asking about, so our thanks for collecting it and sharing it with the users. As a note, when you see lines in a template that you think aren't useful, it's a good idea to simply leave them be. Sony is notorious for changing their minds, changing stats, and changing mobs entirely. By removing the lines from the template, it's a little harder for later editors to make corrections once Sony figures out where they want to go with the information. Regardless, we're still thankful you took the time to enter everything you've been sharing. Keep up the good work!--Kodia 14:27, 16 June 2007 (CEST)

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