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    SOELive Streams

    August 1, 2013 by Uberfuzzy

    Couldnt make it to the city of sin and scorching heat for SOELive? SOE will be streaming most of the important panels on their channels.

    See for the full schedule of streams, but generally keep and bookmarked. Remember that Twitch tends to run pre-roll ads, so get in a little bit before the start.

    And if you cant watch the stream of the EQ/EQ2 keynote tonight, our very good friend Feldon of EQ2Wire will be doing a Live Blog. I've watched this man work, you will not be disappoint.

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  • Uberfuzzy

    Heya Wiki readers, we've got some awesome news for you. Right this second, the servers are down, because they are being updated with the much anticipated "Darkness Dawns" game updated (number 67 for those keeping score at home).

    The titillating update notes are available on the SOE Update forum or in our wiki archive at Update:67 (where they will be wikified and linked to the appropriate pages shortly)

    Stay tuned to this news feed, as we're going to have some posts and polls about the future direction of this week in the coming days/weeks. This is your community, your input matters!

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  • Uberfuzzy

    We're gonna be on TV! Sort of. Well, internet TV. Well, a SOE broadcast on Twitch.

    As shown on, (see feed on mainpage), and a bunch of other fan sites, SOE is having a "Super Wikia Web Cast" on their channel.

    I (and hopefully some other admins) will be in the chatroom during/after the broadcast. If you've got any wiki pages you'd like featured, link them in the comments below, and Jennifer will try to get them on the program!

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  • Uberfuzzy

    GU65.5 Are you ready?

    February 26, 2013 by Uberfuzzy

    Its that time again, PATCH DAY!!! Come hang out in the the Wiki chat room for the duration of the patch time. You never know who will show up.

    The long foretold day is upon us. Auto-arrange for bags, new raids, guild achievements, adornment merchants, and LOTS of PvP changes. A little bit of something for everyone! Patch notes @ forums

    Feldon at EQ2Wire has been covering the many changes in detail for the last week. As have been covered on the EverQuest2 news feed. You really should check these places out for the breaking news as it happens.

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  • Uberfuzzy

    As Erollisi Day winds down, it leads us right into a special time of the month, the Moonlight Enchantments!

    Each month, from the top of the 20th to the bottom of the 21st (48 full hours), the moon gets big and bright, and special portals open around Norrath to enchanted grottos. These special pockets are home to magical creatures that could use your help, and will reward you in kind. There are also collections!

    We would love if people would take an extra special look at our pages related to Moonlight Enchantments as they explore the event, to make sure we have all the latest and correct info.

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