Status Gaining - An October 2018 Update

  • I have no idea when these things changed, but I did notice that the status page on Wikia needs updating. Feel free to change what you confirm from here.
  • There have been changes to the Status points system. Many things that once gave you significant status no longer do. Of particular annoyance on the forums seems to be the loss of 20k+ status gains from each rush order (crafting).
  • If you must 'keep the door open' for a guild, you will need an infusion of about 250k satus every week. Plat is much less of an issue. That's a ballpark figure. You can economize and spend less, but not much less than 150k, so don't sweat it. If you have only 4 or fewer active players, consider giving up the strategist, as the upkeep is ridiculous and the functionality is nil if you don't have someone presently in the guild hall when you use him/her or they 'forget' where the flag is.
  • The easiest way to get status is to pay real money for in store items and sell them for status. Additionally, the best way to earn status is to buy the latest expansion pack and run the current content. It's not the most popular way though, and some people have retired from the game so this guide is here to help you find your way to status gains you can live with.
  • A mid-level or starting out amoutn of status per rush order is about 4k status per rush order. If you choose a lower level one, it drops by HALF!! It used to be around 20k for max level, or level 100+ rush orders but it was nerfed. At this level, I don't think any changes have been made, this is what I remember, your memory of it may be different though.
Phantomseacity statusgain
  • Working in the Phantom Sea is the max level of city status quests you can do right now if you're Free to Play. Not sure if they added any to the new content. I think they said they wouldn't. However, the reward is nicer, at 31k a time.
  • Zek, Scourge Wastes is a questline that begins with a "glowing burl" that you should get in your mailbox at level 100. If you've never done that before, there is a required access quest, but then it unlocks it for the whole account. Most of the quests there give status rewards (one time), and later there are some dailies and "key quests." If you have a level 100 boost from that one month when everyone got one, use it and get some Twark gear for the higher Resolve. Note that you can do quests in the heroic zone of Scourge Wastes also. Enter by clicking the red "portal" on the shore.
  • If you have the Kunark Ascending expansion, or later ones, you will have the dungeons and daily Iksar and Dragon Public Quests (possibly soloable now, and the new ones are more popular). Otherwise you'll be limited to the ones in Altar of Malice or earlier. During the Heroes festival, there are other public quests, but these do not give status.
  • Heritage quest status is pretty much the same as ever at low levels, but has stopped increasing in status as much as before. They aren't repeatable, unless you start a new character and do them all over. A heritage quest has a purple feather.
Signaturequest statusgain
  • Many people have skipped the signature quests from previous expansions and you can pick these up from Freeport or Qeynos, they have purple feathers just like Heritage quests.
  • Tranquil Sea / Phantom Sea is the most lucrative free area where you can get "modern" daily and weekly missions and dungeon missions, plus item/clicky missions that all give significant status that adds up. Note that today's mission is Alluthoa, and if you pick up the dungeon missions (NPC near the door), you can get another 20k status on top of this. Plus if you decide, you can do all the dungeons at 20k each. A 100 free to play character with only free content will likely be able to finish that without incident, especially if you have a merc. Check the map for locations of other daily missions. There is a "Public Quest" but it is a bit complex and poorly documented. Stick to the known for speed status gain.

(Daily / Weekly notations, mine) Note that the Signature questline has dropped the status point reward. :(

Objectclick statusgain AOM

Object-click starts this quest, on top of a mountain near Allu'thoa dungeon in Tranquil Sea.

  • There are status giving crafting quests daily and weekly in Altar of Malice (Tranquil/Phantom Sea areas), but I can't confirm that it hasn't changed, with my current character.
Skyshrine named statusgain

Skyshrine Named Boss from Covenant District, character level was 100

  • Skyshrine named bosses still give status, though the dropped item quests and the timeline no longer do. If you'd rather go hunting nameds, this is a decent place to grind. Note that if people are trying to do their quests, it's polite to use the instances instead of contested Skyshrine for this. Status shown is from Zennkron the Malevolent with Level 100 character. In this case, it might be a blessing to buy the character adventure level upgrade but NOT the KA content because I suspect the status drops a lot if you're 110.
  • There are two PQs in the Great Divide, they DO NOT give status anymore, however... after each fight, there are two sets of collectibles that appear all over the field. You can collect them or sell them for more status.
  • The old "orcs" city status grind is still possible if you chrono to level 90 or 85. It's very convenient and fast, but the rewards are much lower now, around 16k per quest. On the upside, they are fast. Choose "I want to work in Velious actually" if you're in your guild hall, or go to the quest-giver in Thurgadin for the quests. One of them is called "Freeport: Ry'Gorr Soldiers".
  • Cobalt Scar doesn't really offer a lot of quests until you get through a lot of painful grinding. Many people at this point go to the northern "heroic" area if they're searching for fun and nice scenery. Swimming and fishing is particularly fun in that zone, but status reward or grinding ability is unknown to me.
  • Tears of Veeshan (via Druid grove, Vesspyr Isles) offers instant access to High Keep (Contested) which offers nice XP if you're leveling just for fun solo, and each name also provides Status. NOTE: The dungeon missions do NOT give status.
  • Obol Plains raids can now be solo'd and offer status rewards for names killed. Unsure how much of the signature quest you need to do in order to 'unlock' the zones though.
  • Some low efficiency methods are to find shiny's in higher and higher level zones (ATM Altar of Malice is available for free to everyone), and sell them instead of collecting them, for status. The benefit of this is, if you have lots of plat, and you've been grandfathered into the broker by having had Silver Status, you can turn plat into status by buying "shinys."

The benefit of the old ways of grinding status are that you gain city factions, or local factions. Otherwise you're better off focusing on Altar of Malice and working from there. Many older raid bosses no longer provide status or the amount is so small it's not worth it, even though it's fast.

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